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Please schedule a call 2 hours in advance and let us know the issues you need advice on by Emailing Us. You can join a video call with us from Google Meet, Google Calendar, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is multichannel selling?

Multichannel selling refers to the process of listing and selling products on various sales channels. This model utilizes an integration of your own website, eCommerce marketplaces, mobile apps, and/or stores.

In addition to offering customers a wider range of shopping options, multichannel selling allows retailers to take the most advantage of all selling opportunities to develop beyond their main channel.

How many marketplaces does LitCommerce support?

Recently, LitCommerce supports to integrate with 15 main marketplaces: Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Wish, Google Shopping, Facebook, Bonanza, Sears, Shopee, TiktokShop, Reverb, OnBuy, NewEgg, Catch. However, LitCommerce team is developing more apps that integrate with more marketplaces. Chat with us to get more information about new updates.

How can I get support from LitCommerce?

We have compiled various detailed resources including the usage docs, the FAQs, the blog, and the video tutorials which can assist you throughout your integration process with LitCommerce.

For quick and direct response, please reach out LitCommerce Support Team via live chat. We will be able to provide immediate responses to your inquiries.

Note: We do not support via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,…

Does LitCommerce support CSV or Excel or XML files integration?

Yes, LitCommerce offers CSV files importing service where we will import your CSV files to X automatically and accurately.

Chat with us so we can understand your needs better and help you achieve your goals at your convenience.

What is LitCommerce for?

LitCommerce is a multichannel selling solution that assists you in listing and selling your products on multiple online marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Wish and more!

Is LitCommerce free?

Yes, LitCommerce is FREE when you have under 20 listings without Price/Inventory/Order sync.

To experience more features, LitCommerce will unlock the advanced features: price, inventory and orders sync.
– Starter: With under 500 listings, you need to pay $29/month with monthly plan and $20/month with yearly plan.
– Basic: With under 1,000 listings, you need to pay $49/month with monthly plan and $34/month with yearly plan.
– Standard: With under 2,000 listings, you need to pay $69/month with monthly plan, $48/year with yearly plan.
– Plus: With under 5,000 listings, you need to pay $99/month with monthly plan, $69/year with yearly plan.
– Advanced: With under 10,000 listings, you need to pay $149/month with monthly plan, $109/year with yearly plan.
– Enterprise: With over 10,000 listings, you should contact us for more consultation.

Does LitCommerce provide any other services?

Currently, LitCommerce only provides a multi-channel selling solution.

However, our community, including LitExtension and Litos, will offer you additional services such as Shopping Cart Migration Solution, Shopify store development services, and more to enhance your experience with LitGroup. Chat with us to receive detailed advice on our services.

Is there any limit to the number of products/orders that can be synced?

There is  NO LIMIT when syncing products and orders when using the LitCommerce app. However, there will be a maximum number of synced products on each Subscription Plan. Additionally, LitCommerce will sync all of your new products and orders every 15 minutes.

LitCommerce now offers 7 Subscription Plans that limit the number of products you can sync:
– Free Plan: <20 listings
– Starter Plan: <500 listings
– Basic Plan: <1,000 listings
– Standard Plan: <2,000 listings
– Plus Plan: <5,000 listings
– Advance Plan: <10,000 listings
– Enterprise Plan: If you have more than 10,000 listings, please contact us for further consultation.

Not seeing your question listed here? Contact Us for the quickest answer!

Why Choose LitCommerce

Born with Simplicity

LitCommerce streamlines the process of multi-channel selling for every merchant. You can start selling everywhere with simple clicks, a smooth operation and detailed instructions along the way.

Made Affordable for All Sizes

Besides a free plan available, LitCommerce goes with diverse plans at reasonable prices. Our goal is to help every business benefit the most from multi-channel selling.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide each and every seller along the way. We pride ourselves on providing personalized support tailored to specific needs, via phone, ticket, live chat or email.

Centered Around Customers

At our core, we put our customers first and continuously strive to meet their evolving needs. We actively listen, update our tool regularly, and enhance our capabilities to ensure your satisfaction.

Let Our Customers Speak For Us!

“We originally started with an Etsy store that had over a hundred items, all unique handmade, artist handmade. And we want to make sure that the following stores and marketplace that we joined – we were able to sync our product inventory as well as pricing and attribute. BigCommerce has a LitCommerce app which allows us to set up and install quickly with just a couple of clicks…” – Mr. Rodrigo, CEO of Bien Hecho