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Squarespace Walmart Integration Guideline

LitCommerce simplifies the process of integrating Walmart and Shopee, making it easy for sellers to streamline their selling activities across multiple channels. Here is a concise guide on how to integrate Walmart with Shopee in 4 simple steps using LitCommerce:

1. Connect Walmart and Shopee
2. List products on Shopee
3. Enable Walmart-Shopee sync
4. Manage Shopee orders on Walmart

To learn more about integrating Walmart with Shopee and optimizing your selling process, refer to our comprehensive guide on Walmart Shopee integration with LitCommerce.

Step 1: Connect Walmart with Shopee

Visit and create a new LitCommerce account or log in using your existing account. Once logged in, choose Walmart as your Main Store. Make sure you have already set up your Walmart store before initiating the integration process.

Connect to Squarespace

In the Setup First Channel section, click on the Connect button under Walmart and enter your Walmart store details. Next, select Shopee as your additional sales channel and assign a nickname for it. Choose the region where you want your store to be located.

Connect to Sales Channels

Finally, click on Connect Your Account to establish the connection between Walmart and Shopee using LitCommerce.

Step 2: List Walmart products on Shopee and vice versa

After successfully connecting Walmart with Shopee, LitCommerce will automatically import all your Walmart products to the LitCommerce dashboard, saving you time and effort.

To list your Walmart products on Shopee, click the List products on the channel dropdown menu in LitCommerce and select Shopee. Choose the specific products you want to list on Shopee by selecting the checkboxes.

List products on Walmart

You will be directed to the draft listings page, where you can customize and optimize your listings according to Shopee’s guidelines. Ensure you provide accurate product information, compelling descriptions, and high-quality images.

Utilize the Single or Multi-edit mode in LitCommerce to efficiently edit individual listings or make changes to multiple listings simultaneously, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your products.

Step 3: Enable Walmart-Shopee sync

LitCommerce offers seamless synchronization of inventory, pricing, and orders between Walmart and Shopee. Enabling the sync function ensures that any modifications made in these areas will be automatically reflected on both channels, eliminating the need for manual updates and maintaining consistency.

Activate the inventory Sync

pricing sync

To enable the sync, access the main dashboard in LitCommerce and select the Shopee channel. Click on Channel Settings located at the top right corner of the interface. Within the settings page, you will find sections for Pricing, Inventory, and Order. Toggle the switches beside the sync options in each section to activate the corresponding features.

Confirm the changes to initiate the synchronization process.

Step 4: Manage Shopee orders

Efficient order management is crucial for a successful selling experience on Shopee. LitCommerce simplifies the order management process by seamlessly integrating with your Walmart store’s dashboard.

To manage your Shopee orders, navigate to the Listing section on the left sidebar menu in LitCommerce and select your Shopee sales channel. Click on Channel Settings at the top right corner of the interface and scroll down to the bottom. You will find a button next to “Import Orders to Main Store.”

Manage Amazin orders - sell amazon products on shopify

By importing orders from Shopee into your Walmart store’s dashboard, you can conveniently review, process, and fulfill them in one centralized location. LitCommerce allows you to track order statuses and efficiently manage the fulfillment process. The order page in LitCommerce includes tabs for All, Open, Completed, Ready to Ship, and Unlinked orders, providing clarity and organization even with a high volume of orders.

By following these 4 essential steps to integrate Walmart with Shopee using LitCommerce, you can maximize your selling potential and efficiently manage your multichannel operations. LitCommerce provides dedicated support throughout the integration process, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Start integrating Walmart with Shopee today and unlock the benefits of streamlined multichannel selling integration.