LitCommerce User Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help you fully understand the LitCommerce app and effectively manage all aspects of your multi-channel store by making the best use of our built-in features.

Create Etsy Listings

Step 1: Creating an Etsy Listing

You can create a new Etsy listing by clicking on All products from the left side menu bar. From here, select the products you want to list, then, click on List products on channel, and select Etsy.

Creat Etsy listing

Note: If you’re generating your very first Etsy listing at the initial setup page with LitCommerce, you’ll need to create your listing templates such as category template, and shipping template.

The first step will be setting up your Etsy category template. You will also need to provide the required information in the "About This Item" section: Who made these, What are they, and When were they made?. Also, once you have selected a primary category, you’ll need to toggle on the Additional Details section: Shop section, Tags, Recipient, Occasion.

The next step will be configuring your shipping settings. Etsy Shipping Templates can only be created on Etsy, so you will be selecting which Shipping Template you want to use. From the configuration page, there’ll be detailed instructions on How to add Etsy shipping profile to help you finish this step seamlessly.

These settings will be saved in the form of Templates, which you can use going forward to create and update listings more effectively.

Note that LitCommerce marks all required fields with a red asterisk.

Step 2: Editing your templates

You can build and edit Templates by navigating to Listings Templates & Recipes from the left sidebar menu and selecting Etsy.

Edit Etsy template

You can build as many Templates as you'd like. For Etsy, LitCommerce offers the following:

  • Category Templates
  • Title Templates
  • Shipping Templates
  • Price Templates

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