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The purpose of this guide is to help you fully understand the LitCommerce app and effectively manage all aspects of your multi-channel store by making the best use of our built-in features.

Step 3: Integrate with Marketplaces

After connecting your Main store in the Source Cart setup page, you need to select one selling channel you want to integrate with. 

Currently, LitCommerce allows you to connect to 6 marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish, Google Shopping and Facebook. However, you must have one of those accounts first before connecting your Main store to these marketplaces. 

Integrating with marketplaces

Note: You can connect to only one marketplace on the initial setup page. After that, you can add as many channels as you wish from the LitCommerce dashboard.

Take a look at the table below to find detailed instructions to connect your marketplaces:

  • With Etsy, you need to give your account a Nickname then hit Connect Your Account.
  • Please note that Listings created on Etsy may have additional fees.

  • To connect Your eBay store, fill in your Channel Nickname then select your store's region.
  • Click Connect Your Account and allow your store to integrate with LitCommerce.
  • Note: You need an eBay business account to list on eBay. To change your account type, go to My eBay and click the Account tab. Click Personal information on the left side of the page and click Edit next to Account type. Next, select the Change to Business account option.

  • Simply fill in your Nickname and choose your store's region.
  • Click Connect Your Store and allow your store to connect with LitCommerce

  • Simply fill in your Nickname and choose your store's region.
  • Click Connect Your Store and allow your store to connect with LitCommerce
google shopping

  • Give us your Account Nickname 
  • Select your Destinations (Surfaces across Google/ Shopping Ads/ Shopping Actions) and click Connect Your Account.

After successfully connecting to your marketplace, LitCommerce suggests adding a general template that helps you create listings easily and quickly. For more information on using templates, please see Template and Recipes

Adjust your product template

After adjusting your product's template, you also need to set up your sales channel’s rules in terms of pricing, inventory and order. 

You can create pricing or quantity rules for each sales channel based on the attributes of your products. For example, you can increase the price for all products listed on Etsy by $10, or set the maximum quantity displayed on Google Shopping. When you finish setting rules, the price and quantity of listings will get automatically calculated and updated on your channel. For more information, see Price and Quantity rules

Inventory Rules

Note: Before you allow LitCommerce to update your inventory quantities in your sales channel, make sure to verify the quantity is accurate. Think of the inventory quantities that should be your true count of on-hand inventory.

You can turn on order synchronization if you want LitCommerce to automatically import and sync order status to your main store. 

Order Sync

After configuring your settings, simply hit “Save Setting” and your initial setup is complete.

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