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The purpose of this guide is to help you fully understand the LitCommerce app and effectively manage all aspects of your multi-channel store by making the best use of our built-in features.

Publish Listings on Facebook

This section will show you the complete guide to import, customize and publish your Facebook Shops Listing from LitCommerce.

Step 1: Set up Facebook default setting template

First, let’s get started with the facebook default template, from the main dashboard, navigate to Listing > Facebook then choose Channel Settings.

Facebook listing

From here, you can create your custom templates for Pricing, Inventory, and Order to apply for listings later then. This helps to increase the efficiency of publishing your listings to Facebook. With this function, you don't need to re-enter this information over and over again.

  • Pricing rules

Setup Pricing template | LitCommerce

  • Inventory rules

Inventory rules

(*) Note: Make sure to check our quantity twice so it’s the correct number. This will allow LitCommerce to update your inventory in every sale channel. 

Also, turn on the Order Sync if you want to automatically import and sync orders to your main store.

Order sync

(*) Note: By default, this template will be activated when adding new listings.

Step 2: List your products on Facebook.

To import listings to your Facebook store from LitCommerce, you can choose data from your Facebook store or from other available selling channels.

Import new listings from Facebook

The LitCommerce system allows you to keep track, customize and also, publish it to other channels with just a few clicks . To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From Dashboard, navigate to Listing and choose your Facebook channel. Choose FB
  2. Select Import Existing Listing and then you will have two options to import including automatically building products from these imported listings, Re-import all deleted products, and inactive listings. Then choose Begin Import. Import Existing listing to FB
  3. After that, LitCommerce will automatically import your available listings from your Facebook store. Also, a notification will appear when Facebook listing import completed.


    Import new listings from your central catalog

      Make use of the central catalog to import listings from your main shopping cart and other selling channels such as Etsy, Google Shopping, Amazon...into Facebook.

      • Import Listings from your Main Store to Facebook

      From the dashboard, go to All Product,  just simply tick the product you need to import and click on the bulk action to list products on Facebook. After that, a draft listing will be ready.

      All Products

      Now, you can easily customize the listing with Templates and Recipes or publish it on any of your channels.

      • Import Listings from other channels to Facebook

      LitCommerce lets you import listings from other channels to Facebook with just some simple steps.

      First of all, create a new linking between the listing and a product in your Central Catalog. From your main dashboard, navigate to the channel and find the listing you want to link.

      Hover on the link icon, and choose to link with the central catalog, for example. create on BigCommerce.

      Create linking | LitCommerce

      After that, LitCommerce will automatically create the product in the central catalog and you can easily import it to Facebook. To do so, simply go to All Products, tick on the box next to the product then choose to list on Facebook.

      List on Facebook

      Step 3: Link Listings to LitCommerce Products

      Let’s learn about listing links with LitCommerce. Linking is essential to the structure of your data flow so you can enable useful functions for your store.

      Linking enables data to flow from LitCommerce to your Listings and more, ensuring that your channels are continually filled with the most recent statistics and other vital information

      Also, LitCommerce allows you to make a connection for many listings across various sales channels.

      For example, you sold an item from your listing which is published on eBay, Etsy an Amazon and Facebook. After the system updates your change, it’ll also be automatically updated on other channels as well. 

      Furthermore, by linking Listings to their source Products, LitCommerce is able to determine which channel the product is currently available for sale. This allows you to keep track of where all of your products are selling or not selling, ensuring that you don't lose out on any prospective clients.

      active listing

      NOTE: Make sure to link your listing to inventory so the Inventory Sync function can work properly.

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