LitCommerce User Guide

Welcome to LitCommerce! The purpose of this guide is to help you fully understand the LitCommerce app and effectively manage all aspects of your multi-channel business by making the best use of our built-in features.

Understanding our terms

Before getting into how to use LitCommerce, please ensure that you have read and understood all the terms used in this documentation. Here is the list of the terms you may encounter when using LitCommerce.

Main Store

Your store built on an eCommerce platform, connected to LitCommerce when you first create an account. Your Main store will be the source when importing products and also the place to fulfil orders from all sales channels.

Sales Channel

A store built on a marketplace or an eCommerce platform that you have integrated with LitCommerce. Sales channels are where you publish your listings to and "pull" orders from.

Central Catalog

A catalog on LitCommerce system where all your products are stored after being imported from your Main store.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

Gives your stock an unique ID so you easily keep track and effectively manage your inventory. SKU helps find matching products when you import products or listings from your Main store or sales channels.


Products are items available in your Central catalog. Each product contains information such as name, SKU, description, dimensions and images, etc.


A listing is an item to be displayed on your sales channels. A listing is typically linked to a product, and contains the attributes of that product plus additional information required by the sales channel, such as price, shipping, title, description, etc.


A template is a set of options related to one of your listing attributes. Templates can be created for Shipping, Category, Price and Title, etc.


A recipe is a collection of templates, consisting of several sections corresponding to different types of template. Each section can have one template assigned.

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