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Welcome to LitCommerce! The purpose of this guide is to help you fully understand the LitCommerce app and effectively manage all aspects of your multi-channel business by making the best use of our built-in features.

What is integration? How LitCommerce works

Integration—in the world of eCommerce—is the synchronization of your store’s database with other systems, mainly to expand the functionality of your business, reduce manual processing of information, and simplify overall management.

Integration is becoming a must-have for businesses that want to grow rapidly in this era of information technology. It lets you achieve more with less effort and time spent on tasks. 

For an eCommerce company, integrating with other sales channels automates the process of entering data, thus eliminating manual efforts and also risks of inaccuracy due to human errors. It also ensures the consistency of every channel, helping businesses become a unified system as a whole. Is your business ready for eCommerce integration? Find out now.

LitCommerce works based on the same approach. The app will connect your eCommerce store with other sales channels via API, and automatically synchronize the database, allowing you to interact with every sales channel right from the LitCommerce system. 

How LitCommerce Works

This way, you can import existing products from one central store and list them on any sales channels you want, turn on inventory sync to keep it consistent across channels, and fulfill orders from all channels in one place.

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