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Wix Walmart Integration Guideline

LitCommerce is an exceptional solution that simplifies the manual workload for sellers who wish to expand their reach across multiple sales channels simultaneously. With LitCommerce, integrating Walmart with Wix becomes a seamless and efficient experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to integrate Wix with Walmart using LitCommerce’s multichannel listing tool:
1. Connect Wix and Walmart
2. List products on Walmart
3. Sync Wix and Walmart
4. Manage Walmart orders on Wix

Let’s integrate Wix with Walmart now!

Step 1: Connect Wix with Walmart

To get started, visit and create a new LitCommerce account or log in using your existing Facebook or Google account. Once logged in, designate Wix as your main store. It’s important to note that you should have already set up your Wix store before initiating the integration.

Connect to Wix

In the “Setup First Channel” section, click on the Connect button next to Wix and provide the URL of your Wix store. Next, select Walmart as an additional sales channel. Choose a unique nickname for your Walmart channel and select the region where you want your store to be located.

Connect to Sales Channels

Finally, click “Connect Your Account” to establish the integration between Wix and Walmart using LitCommerce.

Step 2: Import Products from Wix to Walmart

Once Wix and Walmart are successfully connected, LitCommerce will automatically import all your Wix products to the LitCommerce dashboard, significantly reducing the manual effort required.

To list products on Walmart, navigate to the LitCommerce dashboard and select Walmart from the “List products on the channel” dropdown menu. Choose the specific products you want to list on Walmart by selecting them and clicking the “List products on a channel” option.

List products on Walmart

LitCommerce will generate draft listings for you on Walmart, allowing you to customize and optimize them according to Walmart’s requirements and guidelines. Ensure you include accurate product information, compelling descriptions, and high-quality images. After making the necessary edits, you can proceed to publish your listings on Walmart.

Step 3: Enable Wix-Walmart Sync

One of the key benefits of LitCommerce is the seamless synchronization of inventory, pricing, and orders between your Wix store and Walmart. To enable synchronization, go to the LitCommerce main dashboard and select the Wix channel.

From there, click on “Channel Settings” located at the top right corner of the interface. You will find different sections for Inventory, Pricing, and Order settings.

Activate the sync options for each section by toggling the corresponding switches.

  • With inventory sync, any changes made to product quantities in your Wix store will automatically reflect on Walmart, ensuring accurate stock management across both platforms.

Activate the inventory Sync

  • Pricing sync allows you to customize how prices are displayed on your Walmart store. You can set specific rules and adjustments to maintain consistent pricing across channels.

pricing sync

  • Finally, order sync enables you to manage and fulfill orders from both Wix and Walmart in a centralized location, streamlining your order management process.

Step 4: Manage Walmart Orders

Congratulations on successfully integrating Wix with Walmart using LitCommerce! Now, instead of juggling between different platforms and manually processing each order, you can streamline your order management by fulfilling orders from a single channel.

LitCommerce automatically updates order details on your Wix dashboard, allowing you to monitor and manage them in one place conveniently. To manage Walmart orders, navigate to the “Listing” section on the left sidebar menu of the LitCommerce dashboard and select your Walmart sales channel.

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Click on the “Channel Settings” option at the top right corner of the interface and scroll down to the bottom. You will find a button labeled “Import Orders to Main Store.” By clicking this button, you can import Walmart orders to your Wix store’s dashboard, enabling you to efficiently review and fulfill them. LitCommerce provides advanced order management features, allowing you to track the order status and manage the fulfillment process with ease.

By following these comprehensive steps, you can seamlessly integrate Wix with Walmart using LitCommerce’s multichannel

listing tool. This integration empowers you to expand your selling potential, reach a wider customer base, and enhance your overall selling experience. Embrace the power of multichannel integration with LitCommerce and unlock new growth opportunities for your business.