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At LitCommerce, we’re more than just observers in the eCommerce world. With a comprehensive multichannel selling tool at our core, we’re passionate about unraveling the mysteries of online marketplaces. Our mission? To guide merchants towards the most effective platforms while simplifying the complexities of managing their business. We’re dedicated to making selling online as straightforward as possible, ensuring that every merchant finds their perfect fit in the bustling world of digital commerce.

Our dedication lies in delivering unfiltered, comprehensive evaluations. We dissect platforms, unearth their nuances, and present unbiased analyses, enabling customers to discern the perfect fit for their unique business needs.

How Do We Assess A Platform?

To evaluate each platform objectively, we analyze it based on the following key criteria:

1. Market share

When we begin, we put on our explorer hats and start digging to find out how big the marketplace really is. We’re talking numbers – how many users are on board, how far-reaching its influence is, and how it stacks up against the competition. We dig through reports, analyze trends, and sniff out statistics to paint the clearest picture possible.

2. Customer base

Numbers are just the beginning. We love getting to know the people behind those digits. We read reviews and hang out in forums to understand what merchants love or loathe about a platform. Their experiences shape our insights, revealing the platform’s strengths and weaknesses straight from the horse’s mouth.

3. Ease of use

We roll up our sleeves and dive into the platform itself. Creating test accounts, we explore everywhere possible, dissecting every button, feature, and menu. We want to know if it’s a breeze to use or a tangled mess. Is it intuitive enough for a first-time seller, or is it a headache waiting to happen? That’s what we uncover.

4. Value for money (listing fees / Other fees)

We’re the detectives of the pricing world. Beyond the obvious fees, we dig deep into the hidden costs, examining listing fees, transactional charges, and any other sneaky expenses. Our goal is to lay it all out on the table so you can make informed decisions without any surprises.

5. Selling tools (Advertisement/Analytics/…)

Every selling channel boasts about its tools – from ad wizards to analytics gurus. But do they really deliver the goods? We test-drive these features, see how they perform in real-time, and measure their actual impact on a merchant’s success. If it’s not as magical as it claims to be, you’ll hear it from us.

6. Fulfillment & Shipping

Smooth shipping and efficient fulfillment are the hidden gems of eCommerce success. We delve into the platform’s shipping integrations and fulfillment options, dissecting their reliability, ease, and cost-effectiveness. After all, getting your product into the hands of your customers is crucial!

7. Marketplace regulations

Every platform has its rulebook. We read it cover to cover. Understanding the do’s and don’ts, policies, and limitations is essential. We break down these regulations, ensuring you’re aware of any constraints or opportunities before diving in.

Our Research Process

1. Conduct a market research

Our journey begins with a comprehensive exploration of the eCommerce landscape. We immerse ourselves in market trends, emerging technologies, and the subtle nuances that shape the digital commerce ecosystem.

2. Create a demo store and analyze its features

Turning theory into practice, we start creating a demo store for the platform we are testing. This hands-on approach allows us to meticulously dissect and analyze its features and functionality based on our criteria.

3. Assess that platform against its competitors

Then, we subject each platform to thorough benchmarking against its counterparts. This comparative analysis ensures that our recommendations not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing our audience with optimal solutions in a competitive landscape.

4. Start producing the material

Fully packed with comprehensive insights, we will start crafting content. Our goal is to break down complex information into informative and engaging material, providing our diverse audience with tailored material for their unique eCommerce aspirations.

5. Proofreading and publish

Aimed to maintain the highest standards, our commitment extends to the editorial process. Each post undergoes meticulous proofreading to ensure polished, error-free content before it graces our platform and reaches our discerning audience.

6. Review and update

Now that the content is published, our job is not done yet. Regular reviews and updates keep our content current and relevant, aligning with the latest industry developments and insights.

Our Commitment

At LitCommerce, our users take center stage. While we do earn a small commission through affiliate programs, be assured that our recommendations are guided by an unwavering commitment to impartial, expert advice. Transparency is our guiding principle, and for a detailed insight into our partnerships, please refer to our disclosure. We stand as your trusted companion, navigating the complexities of eCommerce with expertise and dedication.

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