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Jessie Le

Jessie Le is an E-Commerce Writer with over 5 years of experience in the industry. Renowned for sharing invaluable eCommerce platform insights and business strategies on LitCommerce. Jessie is dedicated to empowering sellers to excel in the digital marketplace.


  • eCommerce Platforms Review
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Dropshipping
  • Marketing Strategies


Jessie's academic accolades in statistical analysis, coupled with a market research certificate, underscore a commitment to delivering top-tier content. With a vigilant eye on industry trends and a rigorous testing process, her commitment translates into valuable content that not only informs but also empowers LitCommerce's audience to make informed decisions in their multichannel sales endeavors.

  • Guest Speaker at LitCommerce x TikTok Shop webinar
  • Thesis: B2B eCommerce Models Worldwide and Their Applicability in Vietnam - 2020
  • Contributor of the thesis "The Influence of Online Reviews on Consumer Purchase Decisions"
  • Thesis: Women's Entrepreneurship During Transitional Economies in Vietnam - 2016

Personal Quotes

Personal growth isn't just about reaching the destination; it's about savoring the journey of continuous learning.


  • B.A in English - Vietnamese National University

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