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Exploit Walmart Listing Tool by LitCommerce for an Exponential Growth

Unlock growth opportunities with LitCommerce Walmart Listing Tool. Expand your reach, tap into a vast customer base, and establish a strong online presence. Benefit from Walmart Listing Tool, in-bulk listing, efficient inventory management to make your business thrive.

How to Integrate with Walmart

Step 1: Connect to Walmart

Select your Main Store, from which you want to list products to Walmart, among our list of supported eCommerce platforms. Choose Walmart as a marketplace you want to sell on. After that, you can connect to other marketplaces on your account dashboard.

Step 2: List products on Walmart

Select products from your store to list on Walmart or vice versa. Products listed to your sales channel will be stored in the tab Draft. You can edit products before publishing them live on Walmart.

Step 3: Enable sync

The products details such as product name, inventory, price, images, etc., are regularly synced from your store to marketplaces and vice versa.

Step 4: Manage orders

When you enable the Order Sync feature, your eCommerce platform will instantly receive all order details from Walmart. You can review and fulfill them alongside orders from your online store, conveniently in one place.


LitCommerce is Walmart’s Full Service Partner

1. Omnichannel presence

A strong omnichannel presence, allowing sellers to reach customers through multiple channels, including online, in-store, and mobile.

2. Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)

WFS enables sellers to outsource warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping logistics. This saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

3. Easy Onboarding Process

With user-friendly tools and resources, you can quickly set up your account, list your products, and start selling on Walmart in a shorter timeframe.

Bring Channels to a Single Dashboard

Live Sync

The LitCommerce LiveSync establishes a near-instant sync of product listing, orders, pricing and inventory between your Main Store and your sale channels.

Multichannel Connect

Effortlessly connect with multiple sales channels and manage inventory, prices, and orders within a single dashboard. No technical skill is required.

Integrated Order Flow

Import your sales channel orders directly into your eCommerce platform’s orders page. You can manage and process orders effectively in one place.


QuickGrid is a spreadsheet-style interface that lets you view, edit and manage all listings on a single screen. You can edit products individually or in filtered groups and create rules to bulk update products. 

FAQs – About Walmart Listing Tool

What is Walmart integration?
Walmart integration is integrating your main store into the Walmart store using a third-party tool. You can list bulk products and manage your product listings, orders, and inventory. You are reaching more potential customers by selling on Walmart to grow sales and simplify your business.
What are the benefits of Walmart Listing Tool?

Walmart Listing Tool allows you to automatically import all of your listings from your webstore or your store on marketplaces. Once Walmart is integrated, you can manage and fulfill all your orders from different channels, including Walmart in one single dashboard.

How to integrate your store with Walmart?

With LitCommerce, you need only 6 basic steps to integrate your online store with Walmart:
– Step 1: Add LitCommerce app or plugin to your online store
– Step 2: Connect your online store to Walmart
– Step 3: List your products on Walmart or vice versa
– Step 4: Edit your listings
– Step 5: Enable sync
– Step 6: Integrate order flow

How many sales channels does LitCommerce support to integrate with Walmart?

LitCommerce allows your online store integration with 5 eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, and Squarespace. Otherwise, if you already have a web-based store, you can connect to Walmart and 15+ more dynamic selling channels like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.

How do I sync Walmart orders with other channels?

When using LitCommerce for Walmart integration, you can access our LiveSync feature for Walmart order sync. With our LiveSync, your Walmart orders are synchronized almost instantly, preventing you from overselling and stocking out. This feature also applies to pricing and inventory. Yet, remember to turn on both pricing and quantity sync so that you can access the Order sync.

How much do I need to pay for LitCommerce to integrate with Walmart?

LitCommerce supports 5 Subscription Plans with different prices depending on the number of listings you have.

– Free: With under 20 listings without Price/Inventory/Order sync, you do not have to pay.

With the paid plans, LitCommerce will unlock the advanced features: price, inventory, and order sync.

– Starter: With under 1,000 listings, you need to pay $29/month with a monthly plan and $20/month with a yearly plan.

– Basic: With under 2,000 listings, you need to pay $49/month with a monthly plan and $34/month with a yearly plan.

– Standard: With under 5,000 listings, you need to pay $69/month with a monthly plan and $48/year with a yearly plan.

– Plus: With under 10,000 listings, you need to pay $99/month with a monthly plan and $69/year with a yearly plan.

We also have customized plans for businesses with 10,000 listings and above. Contact us for further consultation right here!


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Why Choose LitCommerce

Born with Simplicity

LitCommerce streamlines the process of multi-channel selling for every merchant. You can start selling everywhere with simple clicks, a smooth operation and detailed instructions along the way.

Made Affordable for All Sizes

Besides a free plan available, LitCommerce goes with diverse plans at reasonable prices. Our goal is to help every business benefit the most from multi-channel selling.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide each and every seller along the way. We pride ourselves on providing personalized support tailored to specific needs, via live chat or email.

Centered Around Customers

At our core, we put our customers first and continuously strive to meet their evolving needs. We actively listen, update our tool regularly, and enhance our capabilities to ensure your satisfaction.

Let Our Customers Speak For Us!

“We originally started with an Etsy store that had over a hundred items, all unique handmade, artist handmade. And we want to make sure that the following stores and marketplace that we joined – we were able to sync our product inventory as well as pricing and attribute. BigCommerce has a LitCommerce app which allows us to set up and install quickly with just a couple of clicks…”

Mr. Rodrigo, CEO of Bien Hecho

Power Up Your Business with LitCommerce Walmart Listing Tool

Unlock limitless sales opportunities with LitCommerce’s Walmart Listing Tool, enabling you to effortlessly expand your business across multiple channels!