You’ve created a product that you’re proud of. You’ve established your company and started your Etsy store, and your garage is overflowing with goods awaiting sale.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of money or experience to be successful with Etsy marketing. You just need to understand your target audience and devise a strategy for reaching them with relevant, interesting content.

In this article, we will bring you some of the best marketing strategies for your Etsy store including:

  • Etsy platform marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Instagram marketing

Etsy Marketing

Before stepping into social media, it’s critical that you maximize your use of the Etsy platform. Etsy receives hundreds of millions of visitors every month from customers searching for one-of-a-kind handcrafted items like yours. You should also consider forming an LLC while starting your business to gain some tax benefits. Therefore, you may find it helpful to contact top LLC companies. Search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising are two methods for reaching these customers.

Etsy SEO

Every other marketing strategy and tool mentioned in this article is optional. Etsy SEO is not.

In order to capture traffic from searches on Etsy, you need to make sure your product listings are discoverable. There are two steps to this.

First, you must optimize your listings for query matching, the part of the search process where Etsy matches a shopper’s search to relevant products. This means that your listing title and tags, categories, and product attributes are structured around keywords.

In order for Etsy to match your goods to all relevant search phrases, you should utilize a range of keywords. Some shoppers may already have a product in mind (such as a personalized coffee cup) or they may be exploring for ideas. In both searches, you want your product to be found.

Custom Cat Mug
Custom Cat Mug

Examples include: “cat lover presents kitchen”, “personalized cat gift” and others, with this personalized cat mug ranking on page one. So buyers can discover the item no matter what search phrases they choose, it uses a range of keywords in its title and description tags.

Empathy and analytical skills are required to select the correct keywords for your listings. Take a moment to imagine yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What would compel them to choose your product? Look at the statistics as well. What terms are consumers using to locate items like yours? What are they searching for?

The ranking is the second part of Etsy SEO. As a result of this, Etsy selects which goods appear first on the site. Due to their perceived relevance, listings containing terms that perfectly match the shopper’s search query appear first. According to the frequency with which the product is purchased, Etsy also assigns a quality score to each item listed on its site. Etsy’s objective is to make sure that the top-ranked listings provide consumers with what they are looking for in a purchase.

Keyword selection and conversion rates aren’t the only ways to boost your search engine ranking:

  • Get positive reviews for your shop by working hard on it. In this way, Etsy can see if your product is well-received by consumers.
  • Keep your delivery costs low. Shipping costs have an influence on your search ranking.
  • Update and relist your items from time to time. Recently added items are given a bit more weight on Etsy. If you re-list your items, you may see an increase in search ranks, as ratings are connected to your business, not to individual listings.

These things take a lot of work, but they pay off in the long term. Advertising is another method for marketing on Etsy.

Check out the top 8 Etsy SEO tips for a better understanding.

Run Ad on Etsy

Advertising on Etsy is available through two different programs. Etsy Ads is the most popular and most efficient method of advertising on Etsy.

In search results, category pages, and at the bottom of other product pages, Etsy Ads make your goods more visible. Your items may not naturally rank high in search results, but you may surge ahead of the competition by employing these advertisements.

How much you spend determines where your items will be displayed. Using Etsy Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisements. There is, however, no direct control over the cost per click, unlike other advertising platforms.

Set a daily budget instead. On any given day, this affects how much money you’re willing to spend on advertising. Your budget is taken into account by Etsy’s algorithm when determining where to show your advertising.

As soon as someone searches for a product similar to yours, Etsy holds a bidding war for all related marketers. When you use an automated bidding system, your bid will be as competitive as possible while keeping within your budget. It’s not possible to spend $1 every click on Etsy when your daily budget is a mere $3, for example. Therefore, individuals with larger daily expenditures will have a greater chance of winning the top places more often than those with smaller budgets.

However, Etsy also considers the quality of listings. As long as your offering has optimal data and favorable ratings, you may not have to pay as much as sellers with lower-quality listings in order to be competitive in the advertising bidding.

Your Etsy ad campaign can be set up in a few minutes. Only two elements need to be placed:

  1. Daily budget: Amount you’re prepared to spend every day on advertising. As soon as the cap is reached, Etsy’s algorithm turns off advertising.
  2. Targeted listings: This is the product or goods you wish to market on a targeted basis You may select as many or as few as you like. The possibilities are endless.

Etsy advises that you create a campaign that targets all of your items and has a daily budget of $3 to $5 while you’re just starting. Etsy’s algorithm takes 30 days to analyze your data, perform tests, and improve your ads.

Consider experimenting with your budget and product objectives once the initial time is over. Ad performance should be reviewed often to see what’s working for you. However, Etsy doesn’t give you much control over your advertising. You can still use metrics, such as orders from ads, to determine which products are worth advertising.

This product is essentially an ad-listing service, and it was recently launched by Etsy. On Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Bing, Etsy offers your items Offsite Ads. All of the technicalities and expenses of listing your ads are handled by Etsy. If someone buys anything from you, you don’t have to pay anything upfront.

etsy offsite advertising

It’s a win-win situation since you get exposure to advertising without having to worry about paying for clicks on these sites. Etsy charges a 15 percent finder’s fee on sales under $10,000 a year (12 percent if you make more than that).

For this program, you don’t have to do anything; Etsy automatically enrolls all merchants. This option may be disabled in your store settings if you’re not interested in Etsy advertising for you. This program is not currently permissible to vendors who earn more than $10,000 per year.)

Make sure your listings are optimized for conversions before you begin promoting. When it comes to getting the most mileage out of your advertisements, having a high-quality listing is key.

Etsy Marketing on Pinterest

In fact, Pinterest is a visual search engine that is sometimes lumped in with social networks. In addition, it’s a very engaging shopping platform, with 89 percent of users looking to buy ideas, and other 47 percent going explicitly to shop on the platform. In addition, the average order value on Pinterest is greater than on any other social network.

Etsy businesses will benefit from Pinterest’s aesthetic appeal. Those who use Pinterest want to locate a unique item that reflects their particular style and personality. Etsy marketer’s duty is to offer them that.

Pinterest Pins

The first step in Pinterest marketing is to create your Pins. Using Etsy items, you have two options.

Creating a Pin with a lot of products is the best (and easiest) way to go about it. Your listing’s photo, pricing, title tags, ratings, shipping information, and description are all included in a product-rich Pin, as is a callout button that directs customers to your business.

Go to your product listing page to get started. You’ll find the option to save your listing to Pinterest under the Listing Tools section at the top of the page. Anybody who visits Pinterest may now see your Pin because it’s been stored in your board.

Since only product-rich Pins may display under Pinterest’s “Shop” tab, they’re a must-have when it comes to Etsy promotion!

But as your business grows, you may opt to develop your own Pins. In this way, you may draw attention to product groupings and brand advantages (such as eco-friendliness) or incorporate photos that are more aesthetically appealing than a product-based Pin.

modern name ring etsy

Pinterest Boards

On Pinterest, the relationship between the brand and the user is different than on Instagram or Facebook. Your goal isn’t to have a discussion with customers, but rather to motivate them to buy your products. Pinners use the site to get inspiration for anything from their homes to their projects to their wardrobes.

On Pinterest, the pins are categorized and kept on boards, providing a library of ideas and inspiration for users to explore. Example: A “backyard wedding” board with flower arrangements, décor ideas, and more may be created by a user on Pinterest. Some could create a board for “Thanksgiving recipes” and pin all the dishes they want to cook for the holiday.

The shopper has a need or a desire for something. She is moving into a new house in a few weeks and wants to decorate it in a farmhouse-chic style, for instance.

Pinterest’s usual purchasing procedure looks like this.

  • Customers search Pinterest for products. While perusing various boards, Kelsey searches “farmhouse decor” on Pinterest and narrows her search.
  • This is the point at which the shopper starts adding ideas to their own board on Pinterest. While browsing Suggested Pins, Kelsey creates her own board, where she curates stuff she loves.
  • The shopper begins to purchase things after clicking on a Pinterest link. She visits her Pinterest board after she moves into her new apartment. where she’s saved everything she wants to buy, and finally makes her purchases.


farmhouse chic pinterest

For everyone, the exact journey looks a bit different. Shoppers who are seeking a present instead of home décor may locate exactly what they’re looking for and make a purchase from search results. The idea leads to inspiration, which leads to purchasing. It is your objective to meet customers at the inspiration stage and drive them to make a purchase with you through your Etsy marketing efforts.

Boards on Pinterest are a wonderful way to organize your ideas. This way, you can take advantage of the thoughts of your customers and help them visualize your product in their home, wardrobe, event—you name it!

This is not a product catalog but rather a presentation of your business. Look at CAITLYNMINIMALIST, one of Etsy’s most popular sellers. A Mother’s Day-themed board is one of the only two that expressly feature her goods (CM Custom and CM Timeless). Her other boards help to create a cohesive brand image.

minimalist pinterest boards

This is a smart move because pinners who share aesthetics or interests with a board will often follow the board and will sometimes follow the person who made the board. When your board gets followers, any additions you make to that board will show up in those users’ feeds. In other words, if you curate a minimalist aesthetic board, you can use it to attract followers who share your sense of style—and then gently promote your product via that board.

Pinterest Paid Advertising

Although Pinterest is a must-have channel for Etsy marketing, organic traffic may be hit-or-miss. Consider conducting advertising campaigns on Pinterest to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform.

In order to target users’ interests and keywords, you may advertise on Pinterest, and you’ll only pay for campaigns when a user makes an action that’s relevant to your business.

These relevant activities are defined by your marketing aim, which is communicated to Pinterest. Etsy merchants should focus on the following three goals to achieve their goals:

  • Brand awareness, which implies that your primary aim is to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. If your ad receives 1000 impressions, your ad will cost you a specific amount (set by you). Cost per mille, or CPM, is another term for this.
  • Optimizing your advertising for Etsy traffic is what you’re doing here. CPC bids are used to calculate how much you’ll pay each time someone clicks through from an ad onto your website.

After you’ve determined your campaign’s goal, you’ll establish an ad group that specifies your target demographic, bids, and budget.

  • The target audience is the set of people to whom you wish to show advertisements. Pinterest offers seven distinct targeting options, allowing you to create a personalized audience based on demographics, hobbies, keywords, and other factors.
  • The maximum bid field is where you will enter your bids. This identifies how much you’re willing to spend for a specific action. The bid is determined by the campaign aim you specify. For example, if you selected traffic as your aim, this maximum bid will inform Pinterest how much they may spend to win you a single click. (Please keep in mind that this is not the bid they will use every time; you will only spend what is required to win the ad auction, up to the maximum price) you will use every time; you’ll pay only what is needed to win the ad auction, up to that maximum amount.)
  • Your advertising budget is capped at a daily level, so you only ever pay a specific amount each day for advertising. Your advertising’s profitability depends on this. In order to determine your optimal daily budget, you’ll need to experiment. Seize the opportunity to see how effectively your advertisements work and how often your daily budget runs out of money for your most successful ads. Using this method, you’ll be able to determine if your budget is too low.

Lastly, you’ll build the promoted Pins that you’ve been working on. Those are the advertisements that will appear in front of the audience that you’ve selected.

personalized necklaces pinterest

The Promoted Pins feature pulls from the Pins you’ve previously made, so make sure you’ve got some eye-catching ad material ready. To get started, choose the Pins you want to promote and add them to your ad group.

The regulations for sponsored Pins are the same as for organic Pins, even if advertising on Pinterest may seem like a distinct animal. Take advantage of your ad-targeting choices and creative talents to build something that inspires consumers strikes the correct aesthetic and meets shoppers with something they’ll like.

Etsy Marketing on Facebook

For Etsy promotion, Instagram is excellent since it’s favorable to specialized groups and artistic sensibilities. Due to Facebook, Etsy’s parent corporation, marketing your Etsy business is a much more difficult process.

This has been happening for a few years now, as the company ramps up its promotion. The benefit of a Facebook business account for Etsy merchants is mostly in the paid advertising possibilities.

Facebook paid ad

Despite its complexity, Facebook Advertising provides businesses a large audience and extensive targeting possibilities. As long as you stay within your budget, you may run advertising that is perfectly targeted to your potential consumers.

Prior to beginning an ad campaign, decide what you want to accomplish with it. What you want from your marketing campaign tells Facebook, and it helps its algorithm maximize your ad spend. In total, there are three types of objectives.

  • Awareness campaigns increase your brand’s awareness and exposure without necessarily driving visitors to your site.
  • Consideration campaigns get people to connect with your brand by engaging with your Facebook posts, contacting you on Facebook Messenger, or visiting your website.
  • Conversion campaigns to drive sales straight from your ad, conversion campaigns should contain items and precise calls-to-action (such as “buy now” or “add to basket”).

Vendors on Etsy should focus on conversion efforts, especially if they are just starting out with advertising. This is where you’ll see the greatest immediate return on investment.

Start generating ad sets after deciding on your goal. Define your audience, as well as your ad locations and budget. For the most part, you may follow Facebook’s instructions on how to do this.

Never forget that knowing who you’re trying to reach is essential to creating an effective ad campaign. Use Facebook’s targeting choices to your advantage. In this phase, don’t scrimp on the details.

facebook paid ad
Facebook Paid Ad

You’ll need to provide some basic information about your target audience, such as their location, age, gender, and native language, among other things. However, it’s detailed targeting that needs the most of your attention. This grouping of targeting choices is broken down into three sections:

  • Demographics include everything, from relationship status and wealth to political allegiance and educational level.
  • Interests using favorite pages and online interactions to identify a user’s interests and preferences.
  • Behaviors to assist you to target customers who are more likely to make a purchase, focus on purchasing habits and intent.

Any number of these specific goals can be included in your project. As you increase the number of targeting choices, your ad exposure will get more targeted. A qualified client, on the other hand, is more likely to make a purchase.

facebook ad setup
facebook ad setup

Let’s assume you’re a retailer of personalized presents for outdoor enthusiasts. Alternatively, you might design an advertising campaign that promotes the use of your product as the best anniversary present for your customers. The following targeting choices would be appropriate for this type of campaign:

  • Demographics > Relationship > Married
  • Demographics > Life Events > Anniversary within 30 Days
  • Interests > Sports & Outdoors > Outdoor Recreation
  • Behavior > Anniversary within 61-90 Days

If you know that your advertising will only be seen by those who are interested in outdoor activities and have an upcoming wedding anniversary, you may fine-tune your ad creative accordingly.

Selecting ad placements is the next step once you’ve determined your target demographic. You may instruct Facebook to broadcast your advertising on both Facebook and Instagram by using this feature. A campaign can have numerous ad sets. To analyze and fine-tune performance, we recommend building a distinct ad package for Instagram advertising.

Afterward, let Facebook know how to optimize ad distribution on its platform. This aim is distinct from the one you set forth for your campaign. What you’re doing here is basically telling Facebook’s algorithm exactly what you’d like to get out of this campaign” (conversions, impressions, clicks, etc.). Your ad set will be optimized for this measure by Facebook’s algorithm depending on the data it collects.

Facebook ad campaign
Facebook ad campaign

Your daily budget is the final step. This tells Facebook how much money it can spend on your advertising on average per day. – During a given day, Facebook may spend up to 25% more than your daily budget (unless you put cost controls in place). Using your daily budget is the only method to boost the number of people who see your ad campaigns, as Facebook doesn’t enable you to specify specific prices for targeting.

Creating your Facebook advertisements is easy after you’ve built your ad set. Most Facebook ads are designed to seem native in Facebook’s UI.

After your campaigns are set up and running, you need to track the results. It’s helpful to tune up existing ads and test further ads campaigns to get the most of this activity. You can do it through Facebook ads reporting and analytics.

Facebook groups

Facebook’s increased emphasis on interaction (and advertising) has made organic reach for business pages more challenging.

Facebook groups, on the other hand, are increasing in popularity as a marketing tactic for small businesses. There are many different ways to form a group based on shared interests or communities.

An active Facebook group is unlikely to bring in new consumers, but it’s a wonderful method to establish relationships with individuals who have already purchased from you or are familiar with your brand. Many small companies provide their Facebook group as a private community for consumers, where they can interact with like-minded individuals and access unique material and discounts, according to a recent study.

Think of it as marketing for your Etsy shop! Your consumers will become more devoted to your brand and more inclined to tell their friends about it if you keep in touch with them even after they’ve made a purchase.

Consider your consumers’ interests and how they relate to your product when creating a Facebook group. It is possible, for example, to start a club for knitting aficionados to exchange creations and methods. If you sell patterns on Etsy Using Facebook Live events to teach knitting skills, you might promote a “project of the week” through weekly updates.

Facebook group
Facebook group

If you want to manage a successful Facebook group, be innovative. In order to create a sense of connection with your brand, it is important to create something that is uniquely you.

Etsy Marketing on Instagram

Instagram’s graphic and engaging nature makes it a great social media tool for selling Etsy items, thanks to its visual and interactive character. But that’s not all. Instagram also has an avtive community of shopers!

Etsy marketing on Instagram
Etsy marketing on Instagram

Instagram marketing is simple to get started with. Set up a business Instagram account first. When it comes to marketing your Etsy store, a personal account is fine, but a business account provides you access to data and tools that a personal account doesn’t offer.

You want to appear as professional as possible while building your profile. Your account description should clearly state what you sell. Instead of using a personal photo, use the shop logo. A verified badge isn’t required, but it might be a strong trust indicator.

A link to your Etsy business must be included in the bio. Check our “link in bio” tools if you run a blog, an independent eCommerce business, or just want to showcase particular items. Essentially, these tools convert your Instagram bio link into a guide of all of your significant material on the social media site.

It’s time to start creating content after you’ve got everything set up.

Organic content on Instagram

You want to engage your target customers with eye-catching pictures, an authentic brand, and words that encourage engagement when you post on Instagram. If your photos contribute to a consistent brand look, you may be as creative or as minimalistic as you choose. Thus, your followers will be able to remember your business and you will be able to stand out from other users’ material.

Create organic content
Create organic content

You won’t gain many followers only by having a fantastic blog post. Creating a hashtag strategy that helps you target individuals who are likely to be interested in your items can help you ensure your Instagram post reaches the appropriate eyes.

Instagram users typically follow hashtags that relate to their interests. As long as the user is following you, your message can display on their feed, even if they don’t follow you personally. The use of hashtags, therefore, is critical to the finding of new accounts on social networks.

Use hashtag
Use Hashtag

Instagram hashtag science and strategy are definitely worth your time.

Followers need to be kept interested in your work. Beautiful, eye-catching images are a fantastic place to start, but passive followers seldom become buyers—you want people to participate with your postings, not simply enjoy them. It is possible to accomplish this in a few ways.

  • Write engaging captions. The aim is to build comments, conversation, and a sense of community around your business using social media. Inquire about new projects or products. People love to share their thoughts on social media, and requesting this input helps them feel like they’re a part of your process.
embroidery on instagram
embroidery on instagram
  • Post-behind-the-scenes information, such as films, on your social media channels. A peek behind the curtain is always interesting, and it will make customers feel more connected to you and your shop. A small, creative business has the advantage of being able to interact with others. Make the most of it!
Behind the sence post
Behind the sence post
  • Comment on issues that connect to your customers’ interests (bonus points if you include discussion questions). Consider posting material on your favorite books, for example, if you sell items aimed towards book enthusiasts. Instead of only posting on your items, diversify your postings to increase engagement.
Comment on your customer's interest
Comment on your customer’s interest

A solid combination of product-showcase blogs and community-building posts is the key to success here. Adjust your blend based on what connects with your audience.

Paid Ad on Instagram

Organic reach is only one part of the marketing possibilities of Instagram, which extends to paid ads as well. If you want to boost sales and develop brand awareness, Instagram paid to advertise is a great way to do it.

Starting off with Instagram advertising is easy for novices, but as your business grows, you’ll find layers of control and complexity that may be helpful.

Advertisements on Instagram are run through Facebook’s advertising platform, so you’ll construct campaigns for Instagram the same way you would for Facebook ads. If you’re using Instagram, you’ll want to pay additional attention to the appearance of your advertising and make strategic use of the various ad options. On Instagram, you can choose from four distinct ad types:

  • As far as advertisements go, photo ads are the easiest to get your feet wet. A new ad doesn’t have to be created from scratch. Contrary to the case with organic content, you have the advantage of being able to tailor your ad towards certain audiences. Your product can be featured in a picture ad with a CTA button that directs people to your site.
oxford library candle
oxford library candle
  • Carousel advertisements are a variant of picture advertising in which you may display several photos instead of just one. For example, you may use it to highlight your product’s features and benefits by pairing product pictures with text slides.
etsy carousel ad on instagram
etsy carousel ad on instagram
  • Content is shown as a narrative in Stories Ads. Users who don’t follow you on Instagram will still see these adverts in their story feed. The URL you give will take them to your Etsy store or a specific product listing if they swipe up. If you want to bring attention to a new product or deal, use Stories Ads to do it.
etsy instagram story ad
Etsy Instagram story ad
  • Video ads are ideal for grabbing attention since Instagram feeds are mostly static images. You don’t need a huge production—just a simple animated GIF, or a short film of your product in action, will do. There is a purpose here, and that is to get the users’ attention.
etsy video ad on instagram
Etsy video ad on Instagram

As with all things advertising, the key to choosing the best ad format for your Etsy business is experimentation. Try each ad type and see what drives the most engagement and revenue.

Final Words

That’s the complete guide to market your Etsy store on different platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy itself. I hope you can gain a better understanding of how to smoothly create marketing, SEO, Ads campaigns for your store.

If you’re trying to broaden your store by selling on various eCommerce channels besides Etsy such as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping…and looking for a tool that can help you simplify the management process, check out LitCommerce – the easiest multichannel selling tool for you.

If you need more information, contact our support team at any time, we are always ready to help.

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Good luck!


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