eBay can be a good place to sell almost anything: from vintage, handmade, craft supplies to secondhand goods and high-ticket products. It’s quite competitive to sell on eBay for beginners, but if you aim at the right spot and go with a suitable strategy, there’s a good chance you can create a highly profitable online business with eBay.

In this eBay for beginners guide, we will be providing you with:

  • A brief introduction of eBay, customer base, and its competitors. 
  • A complete step-by-step guide to sell on eBay 2022 for beginners including 4 stages.

Let’s get started!

Sell on eBay – Overview

What is eBay?

Auction platforms and shopping websites are the two main priorities of eBay from the very beginning. Bidding for the item to get to the acceptable price or choosing to “Buy It Now” is becoming a common habit to shop online for more than 150 million buyers on the eBay marketplace globally.

Currently, there’re more than 19 million sellers and 1.5 billion active listings available on eBay. Considering the number of monthly visits, eBay is in the top 2 marketplaces with 1700 million visitors as of April 2021.

ebay market share
eBay market share

According to Webinterpret, 61% of eBay’s audience are from 35 to 64-year-olds. Hence, Gen X and Baby Boomers are the two largest demographics on eBay, with 32% of the site’s buyers aged 35 to 49 and 29% aged 50 to 64.

So if you’re selling on eBay, you should be focusing on this type of customer instead of Millennials.

Selling on eBay pros and cons


Super easy to open a new eBay store.

Enormous customer base.

Higher price selling with auction-style.

Clear seller protection policy.


High seller fees.

Limited control over your listings.

Highly competitive platform.

Frequently working with bargain shoppers.


eBay vs Amazon?

eBay and Amazon are among the top E-marketplaces in the industry with an enormous customer base. However, each solution has its own strengths and weaknesses. Explore more with an intensive eBay vs Amazon comparison!

Sell on eBay – 4 Stages in Detail

For someone who’s looking on how to sell on eBay 2022 as a multichannel seller, you might be familiar with the selling process, but it’s going to be a bit different when finding profitable items on eBay because the customer base of eBay is quite unique.

I will show you the complete process from finding your product to doing market research and choosing a trusted partner from Alibaba – one of the biggest retailers and eCommerce companies in the world. They sell products with mass numbers and super cheap prices.

Let’s go through 4 stages on how to sell on eBay for beginners:

  • Stage 1: Choose your products and find suppliers
  • Stage 2: Set up an eBay account.
  • Stage 3: Create a listing to sell on eBay
  • Stage 4: Manage your eBay listings
How to sell on eBay
How to sell on eBay for beginners

Stage 1: Choose Your Products and Find Suppliers

The first thing you might think of when deciding to sell on eBay 2022 is what product you’re going to offer your customers? Is it a household item, a brand product, a handmade item, or even high-ticket goods?

Find your product on eBay
Find your product to sell on eBay

Just bear in mind that a good option should include these 3 criteria:

  • Low competition: If you’re an eBay beginner, you should stay aware of this, the lower competitive niches that you choose, the more benefit you will get from selling that particular item.
  • Solve the real problem: When you sell for a long time, you will realize in order to reach a good result, not only customers but also you need to like the product. Why? Because it’s truly useful and solves customers’ problems. That way, shoppers will come back for more and you can help more people as well as create real value.
  • High level of profit: On average, you’re going to lose about 15% for selling it and 3%-5% for eBay so keep in mind that your product should be in the range of $10 to $75 per.
  • Always sell more than 1 product: This helps to differentiate yourself from competitors and also build more trust with buyers and a bit of branding awareness. And best of all, they help to divide your risk and diversify your investment. This will become so handy for the long-time investment plan.

Market research before selling on eBay

After choosing some suitable item to sell, let’s move forward and start with the market research, this is how to do it:

  • Check on eBay: This is a big part of product research, you would want to see what your niches on eBay look like? How are your competitors doing? Is your audience more active in the Chinese or Malaysian market? It’s going to be a good niche if your competitors are selling at least 10 items/30 days. Make sure to check the “Buy It Now” price (>$10) – it means that’s the item that the customer is coming back to buy more.
  • Check on Alibaba: After getting the full list of your choosing goods, let’s find them on Alibaba.com. There are a bunch of sellers on Alibaba but you need to find a good partner that can give you what you need. We’ll discuss how to get a good supplier below.
  • Calculate the expense and profit:  Make sure to do the math right! You need to buy from suppliers with low prices so you can get 2-3 times profits.

Find a supplier

This is super important for eBay sellers because there are too many suppliers on Alibaba and you need to understand a bit about the giant retailer so you can go with the right supplier.

There are 3 types of suppliers here:

  • Trading company: Focus on some specialized categories.
  • Wholesale company: Pretty much sell anything.
  • Manufacturer: More customized option.

Depending on your products and your needs, for example, if you’re a new seller, go with the wholesaler, they can give you a much cheaper price with a small amount. If you need more handmade items with a large number, a manufacturer is the best.

You can check for suppliers credibilities using these three standards:

Verify your supplier
Verify your supplier
  • Verify or Gold supplier
  • At least 2-3 years of experience on Alibaba
  • Should accept trade insurance (with Alibaba being a mutual partner)

Also, you can use the Alibaba RFQ to ask for help from Alibaba.

And finally, choosing a shipping method can be the key to your success cause everybody knows how complicated overseas shipping is.

  • Use Alibaba shipping: You can use Alibaba Shipping which is from your own supplier. This way the shipping time is normally long (from 3-4 weeks or even more) – which means not good for eBay standards. However, this will be much cheaper and you can increase profit, it’s worth a shot sometimes.
  • Use third-party shipping: This shipping method will surely cost you more because you need to pay for out-sourcing but you can cut off the shipping time and bring a good customer experience. Which is good for long-time investment.

Stage 2: Set Up an eBay Account

#Step 1: Choosing eBay business account or personal account

From the eBay homepage, click Register in the top left corner to create an account.

In fact, the page defaults to register a personal account which is suitable if you plan to sell small amounts of items in specific time. Or else, you can choose business account in case you want to sell large quantity of products regularly.

Choosing eBay personal or business account
Choosing eBay personal or business account

Simply click to register and you will be able to create an account. eBay walks you through the steps and requests some basic information. Easy! Google accounts, Facebook, and Apple accounts work too.

For more information about these 2 types of account, please check out: eBay Business account Vs Personal Account.

#Step 2: Create a user ID

Next, you will need to create a user ID. You ID will display as visible to every user who views your product listings or interact with you. As a result, you need to choose a professional user ID name that tells about your business.

#Step 3: Set up an automatic payment method

Once you done creating a user ID, you have to set up your payment method such as Paypal, a checking account, or a credit/debit card.

ebay choose payment method
eBay automatic payment method

From these information, eBay will use this payment method to charge you to specific situation relating to your seller activity, or buyer recompenses.

#Step 4: Set up your eBay store.

When selling on eBay, your store appearance represent your branding, so make sure you get a good store profile include your picture, description then click Save.

Set up your profile
Set up your profile

Also, dig deep to issue your store policies, cause it will be the requirement you ask customers to follow. It’s a good idea to include the Payment options, Return, and Shipping Policy into your store’s policy.

Stage 3: Create a Listing to Sell on eBay

Now, it’s time to list products to sell on eBay.

how to add ebay listing

Log in to your account and click Sell in the top right corner of the page to get started.

#Step 1: Identify your products

There are 2 different ways to list an item for selling on eBay: eBay’s quick listing tool or the advanced listing form.

Quick listing tool

It’s a good option for your first listing as it’ll provide a detailed guidance on how to price and ship your item based on previous sales of the same or similar items.

With the quick listing tool, you can identify your products by simply enter words that describes most about your items or UPC/ISBN code in the search bar. eBay will automatically suggest listings based on the similar items that have sold.

For instance, if you’re listing a pair of Nike shoes for men, the quick listing tool will start populating information for you.

quick listing tool ebay
Quick listing tool on eBay

If you see a listing that matches the product you’re offering, choose Select.

create ebay listing
Create eBay listing

This will populate your listing with the information from the chosen listing. Then you’ll be able to edit any fields to customize your specific product.

Advanced listing form

This option is suitable if you have a lot of inventory or are going to sell on eBay frequently. This option will provide you with some additional features.

To identify a product using advanced listing form, enter your product’s keywords into the search bar and click Get started. If you’re not sure what are the main keywords, you can identify your product by clicking Browse categories then selecting the category and subcategories that best match your item.

For example, if you’re selling books, you can specify the genre.

ebay item for sale form
Browse categories on eBay

Once you’ve made your selections, there’ll be a form with a variety of fields to fill in about your item:

  • Title
  • Product identifiers – UPCs, ISBNs
  • Item specifics – size, make, model, color, etc.
  • 12 high-resolution product images
  • Product description

Now that your product information is finished, you can move on to the next step.

#Step 2: Choose Auction-style or Fixed-price selling

Now, you’ll have to select which type of selling you want to sell on eBay: auction or fixed price.

ebay sell format
Choose your selling format
  • Auction-style listings: Buyers will bid on the items until the end date you set. You can include an accept Best Offer option which allows buyers to make an offer on an item. On auction-style listings, you can set a fixed price, but it should be 30% higher than the starting price.
    This auction-style is the best suit if you’re unsure about the item’s value, or want to sell quickly, or your item is rare and unique.
  • Fixed-price listings (also known as Buy It Now): This is suitable when you know the price you want to get for an item, have a lot of inventory or want your listing to appear in search results for more than 10 days.

#Step 3: Price your listings

ebay price item
Price an eBay listing

When it comes to selling on eBay, setting a competitive price not only impacts buyers’ decision to buy but also affects how visible the item is in the eBay’s search results.

Pricing isn’t a guessing game, so do a bit of market research to find a competitive rate for your product by searching eBay’s completed listings to see how many similar items have sold and at what rates.

To see this search filter, scroll down the left-hand panel on a search results until you see Preferences section. Under Show only, check off the box for Completed Items. 

completed iPhone sale on ebay
Completed items on eBay, for example

Examine the prices of both sold and unsold items, and consider how the pricing of the items may have played a role. This information can also be used to determine how much an item sells for on average and whether other sellers had more success selling the item using a fixed-price or auction format.

Keep in mind that if you’re selling a high-priced item, such as an antique or a collectible, you can include a professional valuation or authentication paperwork in the listing photos. This can help justify the item’s high price and attract bidders.

#Step 4: Set up shipping options

A strong shipping policy will increase the visibility of your products when selling on eBay. Buyers can sort products with short shipping times that meet eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery (EGD) guidelines using the marketplace’s search engine. A listing must have a same-day or one-day handling time to qualify for EGD.

domestic shipping on ebay
Domestic shipping on eBay

To set up the shipping options, fill out the information as following:

  • Type of rate: Select a flat rate for all buyers, a calculated rate based on the buyer’s location, freight shipping for large items weighing more than 150 pounds, and “No shipping: Local pickup only.”
  • Carrier services: You can choose from a variety of carriers and services, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

If you offer international shipping, you must also select a rate type, but you will only have two options: flat rate or calculated rate based on the buyer’s location.

ebay set up international shipping
Set up international shipping on eBay

If you need assistance with sending orders on time, consider signing up for eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP).

Stage 4: Manage your eBay listings

After finishing all the steps from Part 2, you’ll receive an email notifying you that your listing has gone live, but your role as the seller is far from over. You’ll still need to answer questions from buyers, possibly promote your listing, and complete the transaction when you sell on eBay 2022.

You can also keep an eye on it by logging in to eBay and clicking on My eBay in the top right-hand corner of the menu. You can view your active listings, see how many people are watching your listing or have bid on it, and answer any buyer questions from this page.

#1. Create a positive seller reputation

Maintaining a positive seller reputation is critical. This boosts seller credibility, encourages buyers to buy, and even improves your search ranking when selling on eBay.

How to build a decent seller reputation:

  • Provide reasonable pricing and shipping.
  • Respond quickly to buyer inquiries.
  • Provide outstanding customer service.
  • Keep track of inventory to avoid sales cancellation.
  • Track shipped items and provide delivery dates to customers
  • Report any problems you have with a buyer as soon as possible.
  • Leave positive feedback for buyers and ask them to do the same for you.

As you can see, developing a positive seller reputation entails taking action at every stage of the process, from listing to shipping a purchased item.

#2. Complete a transaction

When you sell an item on eBay, this marketplace will immediately notify the seller. Once you receive that message, complete the transaction quickly and accurately to keep your seller reputation intact.

Here are a few helpful tips for completing transactions in a secure and buyer-friendly way:

  • Ship the product as soon as the payment is verified.
  • Take action if you don’t receive payment within a few days.

#3. Promote your listings

Because of the billions of listings on the marketplace, selling on eBay can be difficult. By boosting your item through eBay advertising, your listings has a better chance of striking out and attracting buyers.

When a buyer searches for your specific item, promoted listings will appear at the top of the search results. And it will be labeled as Sponsored.

promoted listing on ebay
Promoted listing on eBay

You must be an eBay store subscriber to create a promoted listing. To create your ad, go to pls.ebay.com and select whether you want to create your campaign by selecting individual listings or in bulk.

promoted listing ebay
Create an eBay campaign

Once you select the listing to promote, an ad will be generated automatically. You should now decide how much you are willing to pay for promotion.

That’s all for setting up and launching your store to successfully sell on eBay. You’re well on your way to becoming an expert seller.

To get a better understanding of eBay’s position in the market, let’s take a look at some of eBay’s competitors: Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, and Google Shopping. The good news is that you can go multichannel selling by connecting eBay with another selling channel to broaden your reach and boost your sales instantly.

amazon logo

We’re talking about the biggest e-retailer in the United States. This E-marketplace company is famous for its amazing logistics (FBA) and excellent customer service. With an enormous customer base all around the world, it can be a good choice if you want to sell on both Amazon and eBay.

This is an emerging E-marketplace for selling handmade and vintage items. Etsy attracts 2.7 million sellers and nearly 50 million active buyers in 2020. Because of the cheap price, you can open a new Etsy store without having to pay anything. That’s why many sellers prefer to use Etsy as an additional channel along with eBay.

Along with Amazon, Walmart is known as one of the best E-marketplaces to sell stuff online. You can find nearly anything on Walmart. Integrating your eBay store with Walmart and managing with a central platform can be the key to helping you build a profitable online business.
gg shopping logo

This is an online shopping engine that lets people find, compare, and buy items from a range of stores. Google Shopping can really help buyers find your store quicker on Google.

Sell on eBay – How Does eBay Work?

How does eBay work
How does eBay work

Fortunately, it is not so difficult to master the system when selling on eBay. Even though it does take time for you to get used to the process, you will get used to it day by day. Let’s explore how the eBay system works separately, from selling format, inventory, order, payment method, and a bit about eBay seller protection.

#1. eBay selling format

Auction-style selling: this selling style has brought fame for eBay for a long time. When you list an item for sale in an eBay auction, simply set a starting price so the buyer can place a bid for your product. When the auction ends, you sell to the highest bidder.

eBay auction style
eBay auction-style

Depending on the product type, you can set up the duration for your auction. For time-sensitive items like event tickets or food, you can set up a 1-day auction. Here are some more tips:

  • Starting at a low bidding price can help attract more customers.
  • Make sure to add a Buy It Now price to your auction listing (it will be shown until the first bid is placed) The Buy It Now price must be at least 30% higher than the auction starting price
  • Use a reserve price – the lowest price you’re willing to sell an item for to make sure you get your expecting price.

Buy It Now: Set up a fixed-price as the simplest way to price your item when selling on eBay. It’ll let your buyers make a purchase right away.

eBay fixed-price
eBay fixed-price

This enables the seller to buy at a fixed price — no bidding needed. This style of selling is efficient and convenient since the customer does not need to wait to purchase the item. You should note that the “Buy It Now” price will be there by default. Your item will be relisted on eBay every month (with the Buy It Now price) until it sells or until you end it.

  • Your “Buy It Now” price must be 30% higher than the auction price.
  • In case there are no bids within 12 hours, you can change your fixed price.
  • Add the Best Offer to your listing so customers know that you’re willing to negotiate.

#2. eBay inventory management

Inventory management is always a huge deal when it comes to selling on the E-marketplace. You can say that it’s the heart of your store’s management system. Why? Because a bad inventory management job can lead to overselling or underselling. This can cause damage to your business such as a refund, complaint from customers, or even loss of loyalty shoppers.

If you sell an item you don’t have in stock then the customer files a claim (legitimate or not) about their transaction with you, eBay will hold the customer’s money for the investigation. This means you may not have the cash to pay a supplier for new inventory or to operate other parts of your business. Cash is super important, you don’t want to make this mistake!

eBay inventory management
eBay inventory management

When selling on eBay, it provides sellers an amazing system so you can easily manage your listing in just some clicks.

  • Listing filter: You can easily find any of your listings using the filter. eBay lets you sort listings by category, listing format (auction, fixed price, second chance offer…) status, and even listing title.
  • Listing Summary: Also, you can see your listing overview as well. From the “Buy It Now” prices, auction price, number of active listings, or number of listings with offers awaiting your response and question that buyers give you about the listing.
  • Create new listings: eBay lets you create a new listing from the management center as well. From a single listing, multiple listings to listing from BULQ.

#3. eBay order management

After customers purchase your products, it’s time to take good care of your orders so they can arrive on time. Good order management will give your shoppers more confidence when buying from you next time. During time to sell on eBay 2022, you can track items you’ve sold and cancel the order when you need to.

  • Order tracking: eBay lets you upload the tracking details that enable you and the buyer to follow its journey, all the way through to delivery. This will be so useful, customers will be less likely to file “Item not received” claims.

    eBay Order management
    eBay order management

Whether your item was bought by an eBay member or a guest buyer. You can easily edit or delete tracking details in the same place. With each order, you can add up to 6 tracking numbers. Once you manually add a tracking number, the item will be marked as shipped, you can use this status as evident when a customer file “Item not received” claims.

  • Cancel an order: As an eBay seller, you’re obligated to complete a sale with a buyer. However, there will be a time when you’re the one who has to cancel the order. In that circumstance, eBay allows you to cancel the order yourself.

When a customer asks to remove the order, you have 3 days to accept or decline the request from the Seller Hub or from the Sold section in My eBay. Once it’s canceled, you can start the refund process and eBay will give you fee credits in return.

#4. eBay shipping and payment methods

Shipping is always one of the most complicated parts of selling online because it’s when merchants like you have no control over it and it’s all up to your delivery partner. Fortunately, the E-marketplace provides goods options for shipping carriers which are guaranteed by eBay including Domestic Carriers, Export Carriers, Import Carriers, and Domestic Freight Carriers.

eBay shipping options
eBay shipping options

Instead of a third-party, using these shipping carriers will protect you against “Item not received” claims filed through eBay Money Back Guarantee, which is gonna save you tons of time and effort, and also makes your shipping progress much smoother.

What Payment methods can you use with eBay? The E-marketplace let you integrate with some of the best services including PayPal, PayPal Credit, Credit card or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Payment upon pickup.

eBay payment methods
eBay payment methods

And some additional payment options:

  • Bank-to-bank transfers (also known as bank wire transfers and bank cash transfers)
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Online payment services (for example, Escrow.com, Allpay.net, CertaPay, Fiserv, Nochex.com, XOOM)

#5. eBay seller protection

Just like other E-marketplaces, eBay has its own policies for sellers like you. Making yourself familiar with this guideline is super important. You might violate one without realizing it and end up losing your listing or face other troubles from eBay.

As a seller, you’re expected to:

  • Resolve consumer complaints quickly.
  • Ship products on time, within the handling time you specify.
  • Keep inventory under control and items well-stocked.
  • Fees for shipping and handling should be affordable.
  • In the listing, provide delivery charges and processing time.
  • Keep your return policy in place.
  • Respond to buyer inquiries as soon as possible.
  • Throughout a transaction, be helpful, courteous, and professional.
  • Ensure that the item is delivered to the customer in the manner indicated in the description.

eBay uses this to make sure your store delivers good customer service. eBay will evaluate your store monthly if you have more than 400 transactions in 3 months, otherwise once a year. Once you violate these conditions, your account might be placed under a restriction. If you want to make customer service even more efficient, try out cloud phone solutions or maybe use social media as an additional tool for communication.

Sell on eBay – eBay Price You Should Know

The eBay pricing structure might be a bit confusing for beginners, but you’ll get used to it once you start selling on eBay. They charge two main types of fees: an insertion fee when you create a listing, and a final value fee when your item sells.

The price for you may vary, depending on the item’s price, the listing format and category, optional listing updates and your seller conduct and performance. However, eBay fees can be divided into 5 main types.

eBay price
How much does it cost to sell on eBay 2022

Let’s take a closer look!

#1. eBay store subscription fees

You don’t need an eBay store to start selling, and eBay divides the pricing into different plans which suit any kind of seller from small, medium to enterprise scale. The more you pay for the subscription, the more benefits and discounts there are from eBay.

eBay store subcription
eBay store subscription
  • Starter: $4.95 per month – It’s for occasional sellers
  • Basic: $21.95 per month – Suitable for growing store
  • Premium: $59.95 per month – Good for medium to large businesses
  • Anchor: $59.95 per month – If you have a large scale business
  • Enterprise: $2999.95 per month – It’s for Big brands

#2. eBay insertion fee

Another important part of the eBay fee structure is the insertion fee. For eBay stores without subscription (private and business) sellers, eBay offers 50 free listings per month. Sellers can use this to pay for auction sales or “Buy It Now” products. After this, it will be 35c per listing.

And this is for subscribers:

Auction style listings Fixed price listings
Starter 100 free and 30c per listing thereafter
Basic 250 free and 25c thereafter 250 free and 25c thereafter
Premium 500 free and 15c thereafter 1,000 free and 10c thereafter
Anchor 1,000 free and 10c thereafter 10,000 free and 5c thereafter
Enterprise 2,500 free and 10c thereafter 100,000 free and 5c thereafter


  • Each price is applied per listing and per category. This means only 1 insertion fee – one for each category and you may get charged twice when listing on 2 different categories
  • When using “Good ’til canceled” listings which renew automatically every month, keep in mind that the listing fee will not be refunded and you need to pay each time you re-list a product.

#3. eBay listing upgrade fee

eBay lets you upgrade and brings your listings out with more features, such as a subtitle, or bold font. Depending on your item’s price and the listing format and duration the price will be different.

For this type of fee, your items are relisted automatically, you’ll be charged insertion and optional listing upgrade fees each time your item is relisted.

#4. eBay store final value fee

The final value fee is a commission charged on the sale price of an item, including shipping. This varies by category for business sellers.

eBay Total Amount of Sale
eBay FVF
  • 3-15% for sale including postage + 30pent /order.
  • If your store’s performance is below eBay standard, you’ll pay an extra 4% fee.
  • For stores with a volume of 25K transactions, you’ll get a 4% discount, if your store is above 200K, it will be 8% off.

#5. eBay payment processing fees

Many sellers used to pay a PayPal payment processing charge in addition to eBay costs. eBay has begun transferring sellers to their managed payment’ system because eBay no longer controls PayPal. Instead of paying fees to eBay and PayPal, the payment charge is now incorporated in a higher ultimate value fee. Normally, sellers will need to pay from 2.9-6% + 0.3 cents for each transaction depending on your payment option.

When you set up a seller account, you must include a payment method to cover any eBay selling fees or charges. You have the option of paying by direct debit, credit card, or PayPal.

eBay will include the payment processing fee with your monthly fees and will send you an invoice with a complete fee breakdown.

Why only sell on eBay?

The good news is that you can connect eBay with other E-marketplaces to go multichannel selling. LitCommerce can simplify the management process into just a few clicks! No coding skill! Click to see if we’re a good fit for you.

Sell on eBay – FAQs

1. Is it better to sell on eBay or Amazon?

There’s no one answer! Each type of E-marketplace has its own strengths and weaknesses and will be suitable with a certain store.  For example, eBay is much better when you’re selling handmade stuff. But Amazon will be a trusted brand with an enormous customer base so it’ll be better if you have a medium or large or medium store.

2. Can I accept an offer on eBay if someone has bid?

No, it’s not possible. The Best Offer option disappears once someone has placed a bid

3. What should I not sell on eBay 2022?

eBay has a full list of stuff you should not sell, here are some of them:

  • Adults only
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Embargoed goods and prohibited countries
  • Firearms, weapons, and knives
  • Government, transit, postal items, and official items policy

4. Can you sell on eBay for free?

Yes, you can start with literally nothing, just go to eBay.com and start listing products online. But it is kind of limited. If you need a decent store, eBay offers a bunch of other options for you.

Sell on eBay – Integrate eBay with Your Online Store

A common option that multichannel sellers use to simplify their management system is to integrate eBay with other selling channels such as Etsy, Amazon, Google…LitCommerce will be an amazing option If you’re looking for a tool for connecting multiple channels with ease of use and affordable price.

If you need more information, leave us a message, our support team will be pleased to help!

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Good luck!

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