You might have a Shopify-based online store and are looking to expand your business on Etsy as well. As a result, it makes perfect sense as Shopify and Etsy are two incredible eCommerce platforms where millions of online merchants worldwide operate their businesses. Taking that into consideration, this article is the right place for you to learn how to integrate Etsy with Shopify effortlessly. Here, we would like to walk you through these main ideas as follows:

Let’s find out why you should integrate Etsy with Shopify to make your business thrive!

Multi-selling Made Easy

Want to minimize manual efforts when selling on multiple channels? Try out LitCommerce – The Multichannel Selling Tool! LitCommerce allows store owners to integrate Shopify with Etsy quickly and accurately.

How to Integrate Etsy with Shopify by LitCommerce

Deciding to integrate Shopify with Etsy means that you must have considered all important factors, including the fees involved. However, after taking advantage of the multichannel selling solution, sure it will be worth every penny.

Now that Shopify and Etsy integration has finally available, we will gladly show you how to integrate Etsy with Shopify only in 4 steps using LitCommerce.

how to integrate shopify with etsy

#Step 1: Connect Etsy to Shopify 

Before connecting Etsy to Etsy, make sure you already have an online store available, or else, you must create a Shopify store to start integrating.

Firstly, look for the LitCommerce Etsy Plus app on the Shopify App Store. Then, click on Add App to connect with Shopify.

Shopify Etsy Sync

Then, proceed to log into your Shopify account and click on Install App and you are ready to go!

install litcommerce app on shopify

Give your channel a name before clicking on the Connect your account button. Previously, make sure you have a business account on Etsy before the connection.

integrate shopify with etsy

Then, a pop-up window will appear asking you to log into your Etsy account and allow LitCommerce access.

Afterward, you can add other sales channels from the LitCommerce dashboard if you want to integrate with other marketplaces as well.

Finally, you have arrived at your dashboard. Now you can get to work from here. Below is the detailed guide on how to connect to your Etsy store while using the LitCommerce app.

#Step 2: Import and Link Shopify to Etsy products

Once you finished connecting Shopify to Etsy, LitCommerce will automatically perform Etsy to Shopify import.

Following the product import, choose either all products or certain ones you wish to list on the marketplaces. Then select Etsy from the List Products on Channel dropdown menu.

integrate shopify with etsy

#Step 3: Enable Shopify Etsy sync

LitCommerce allows you to sync Shopify and Etsy inventory, price, and order.

When you enable the Shopify Etsy sync function, all pricing changes made in your Shopify store will be reflected on Etsy. When an order is placed, inventory sync changes the inventory quantity for all channels to match.

integrate shopify with etsy

To start syncing, choose Etsy from the main dashboard and click Channel Settings at the top right corner.

You will arrive at 3 sections: Pricing, Inventory, and Order. Click on the switches beside all the Sync options and confirm to turn on these features.

  • Pricing synchronization

You can create your own rules to fit how you want them to be displayed on your Etsy store. Price rules allow you to increase or decrease the price of all Etsy listings by a fixed amount or by a percentage. After you set the rule, it will apply to all listings on Etsy.

pricing sync

  • Shopify Etsy inventory sync

Set inventory rules by indicating the proportion of available inventory or the minimum and maximum amounts to be displayed on Etsy.

inventory sync

For more details, LitCommerce will update adjustments in the central catalog to match your Shopify catalog once Inventory Synchronization is active. After that, it will change the inventory quantity on Etsy by default to correspond with that on your LitCommerce account.

However, the inventory sync only works if you change the quantity on your Shopify Main Store rather than the other way around.

  • Order synchronization

This feature can also help you avoid overselling by displaying the correct number for each product. For example, if you receive orders through a channel, the product quantity in the LitCommerce central catalog will decrease by the same amount.

order sync

By enabling this feature, you will be able to access your Shopify store and fulfill orders from Etsy. In addition, LitCommerce collects new Etsy orders and imports them into Shopify, allowing you to handle orders from your Shopify dashboard.

If you want to manage orders on different channels, deactivate this option. When you’re finished, select Save Setting< at the bottom of the page to save any changes you’ve just made.

#Step 4: Manage Etsy Orders

Incoming orders from Etsy that occurred will be pulled into your Shopify dashboard. Afterward, you can choose whether to review orders before the fulfillment process or have LitCommerce import them right into your existing order flow for centralized multichannel fulfillment.

integrate shopify with etsy

Why choose LitCommerce

LitCommerce Pricing

LitCommerce Pricing Plans

Free Forever









- 20 listings

- No Price/ Inventory/Oder Sync

- 500 Listings
- Price/ Inventory Sync
- Unlimited Orders Sync

- 2,000 Listings
- Price/ Inventory Sync
- Unlimited Orders Sync

- 10,000 Listings
- Price/ Inventory Sync
- Unlimited Orders Sync

Over 10,000 Listings?

LitCommerce provides a variety of pricing options to meet the needs of customers. For more information, they are determined by the number of products in the central catalog of users and the number of orders received per month.

When a company’s listing or order limit is reached, users must upgrade to the appropriate plan. Let’s have a look at which one suits your company’s size best:

  • Free forever: You can try Shopify Etsy integration free with this plan. However, it offers a listing limit of 20 only and no order synchronization.
  • Basic: Open to 500 listings, this plan allows unlimited order integration while costing users $299/year.
  • Standard: This plan is billed $49 or $499 yearly with 2000 listings featured.
  • Advanced: Supporting 100,000 listings and syncing orders automatically is highlighted in this plan. Additionally, LitCommerce quotes a monthly price of $69 and $699 yearly.
  • Enterprise: If you own an enterprise-level store with an inventory higher than 10,000 or an order number higher than 2,000, this plan is fully made for you. As a result, your project will take priority which involves the highest sync frequency and all support levels available.

Quickly contact us and discuss how to integrate Etsy and Shopify appropriately together.

Customer Reviews

It is LitCommerce’s responsibility to constantly monitor and update our service quality. In this regard, we always welcome every feedback we can get to understand our customer experience better.

LitCommerce transfers my products from 2 Etsy stores to my new website.

I used LitCommerce to transfer all my product from my 2 Etsy stores to my new website. I moved over 400 products and photos and no issues.

– From William, Store Owner –

You can also spare some time to visit Trustpilot for a better look at LitCommerce services before reaching your final decision on Etsy Integration with Shopify.

Benefits of Shopify Etsy Integration with LitCommerce

LitCommerce team always strives for a simplified process, together with a scalable and cost-effective integration solution. Consequently, it is our mission to guarantee the greatest user experience.

  • Multichannel Connect: Effortlessly connect with multiple sales channels and manage inventory, prices, and orders within a single dashboard. No technical skill is required.
  • LitCommerce QuickGrid: a spreadsheet-style interface that lets you view, edit and manage all listings on a single screen. You can edit products individually or in filtered groups and create rules to bulk update products with Templates and Recipes.
  • LitCommerce LiveSync: establishes a near-instant sync of product listing, orders, pricing, and inventory between your store and your sale channels.
  • Integrated Order Flow: Import your sales channel orders directly into your eCommerce platform’s orders page. You can manage and process orders effectively in one place.

FAQs – Shopify Etsy Integration

  • 1. Which is better, Etsy or Shopify?

    Shopify is a comprehensive platform for businesses of all sizes. It aims to help a company’s online store grow and develop with their business by providing a wide range of eCommerce selling features.

    Meanwhile, Etsy is notably an online marketplace for independent sellers such as artists, craftsmen, antique dealers, and other small companies. Their easy-to-use web-based platform makes it simple for a retailer to set up a viable online store.

    If you are interested in the utmost Shopify and Etsy comparison, don’t forget to check this out.

  • 2. How to connect Etsy to Shopify?

    With LitCommerce’s help, you can successfully integrate Etsy with Shopify through these 4 steps:
    #1: Connect Etsy to Shopify via the LitCommerce app.
    #2: Import and link Shopify products to Etsy.
    #3: Turn on Shopify Etsy sync.
    #4: Manage Etsy orders.

    Should you have any specific requirements for your Shopify Etsy integration project, feel free to consult our support team for detailed instructions.

  • 3. How do I sync my Shopify inventory with Etsy?

    Thanks to one of LitCommerce’s higher functions, you can easily synchronize your inventory between Shopify and Etsy. Access Etsy on the sidebar menu from your LitCommerce dashboard, and choose “Channel Settings”. There, you will see the Inventory Sync function. Turn it on and you are good to go!

  • 4. How much does it cost to integrate Shopify with Etsy?

    LitCommerce always aims to provide affordable yet efficient solutions. For that reason, we offer a collection of pricing plans available for our customer’s needs, which include Free Forever, Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.

    They differ in the product quantity displayed in your central catalog on LitCommerce and the order number placed on a monthly basis. When either the listings or the order quantity exceeds that allowed in a certain plan, you will upgrade to the respective one.

    If you either are unsure of LitCommerce’s services or just want to use it for a trial period before the final call, it is advisable to go for the Free Forever plan and see how the system works.

  • Conclusion

    To sum up, Setting up and managing an eCommerce website takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, adding all of the essential external platforms to attract customers and grow your business might be challenging.

    Check out LitCommerce if you are planning to expand your business and want to manage everything in one place. LitCommerce is the easiest way for store owners to list and sell their products on the top global online marketplaces, not only Etsy but also Amazon, Facebook Shops, eBay, and so on.

    For more information, please contact the support team; we are always happy to assist!

    Otherwise, you can also become a member of our community to receive more relevant eCommerce news and tips.

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