We realize that getting larger is on your mind, no matter how little you began. Most online firms begin with a single selling channel but subsequently, opt to expand their online company by adding multiple selling channels. This multi-channel selling strategy is now required for all those who want to stay afloat in the ever-expanding eCommerce sector. If you already have a Shopify shop for your handmade items, the easiest and most successful approach to begin multi-channel marketing is to post your products on a marketplace. Etsy is a must-see when it comes to markets for handcrafted and creative goods!

Have you ever wondered how to handle Etsy purchases from your Shopify business or how to fulfill Etsy orders on your Shopify site? With Etsy Marketplace Integration, we may have the solution.

shopify etsy integration
Shopify Etsy integration

While some sellers begin their online adventure with Etsy, others choose to start with an online shop rather than a marketplace. The decision between Etsy, Shopify, or both is entirely dependent on your individual company requirements. However, a significant proportion of handmade firms have decided to sell through numerous platforms. This has helped them to not only broaden their reach and exposure but also to develop brand confidence among their consumers.

Multi-channel selling isn’t difficult. You may link your shops and conduct all of your company operations via a single location. Using Etsy Marketplace Integration, business owners can do this in minutes.

What is the functionality of the Etsy Marketplace Integration?

The Etsy Marketplace Integration allows you to manage goods, process orders, sync inventory, and perform a variety of other things to easily build your company.

Finctions of Integration

The software acts as a conduit (between your e-commerce store and your marketplace shop) via which all critical information travels, keeping both shops in sync and streamlining your business procedures.

Let’s look at how to handle Etsy orders from your Shopify shop using Etsy Marketplace Integration.

What exactly is Order Management?

Order Management
Order Management

An order’s journey begins when you get the order and concludes when your customer receives the delivery. It is extended in exceptional circumstances, such as when a return or exchange is requested.

Order management is the most important of all eCommerce procedures, including product management and promotion. Simply because your consumer is most engaged with your brand at this time and wants the greatest service available.

Poor order management, such as unnoticed delays in receiving and processing orders, may have a negative influence on your firm.

When you sell via a single channel, managing orders is quite simple. However, when you’re developing your business via Etsy, order administration might be a nightmare.

How to Fulfill Etsy Orders on Shopify Correctly

Etsy provides you with a larger reach among your target demographic. Orders from your Etsy shop may, thankfully, be fulfilled on your Shopify store. The most effective method to do this is to utilize an integration program that will take over all of your responsibilities by keeping your shops in sync. You will be able to handle and fulfill orders from a single platform in this manner.

The program will automatically update your Shopify shop when you get an order on Etsy. The program will automatically update the item inventory and send the information to Etsy.

After completing the purchase from your Shopify shop, you can use the app to send the shipment and tracking information to the Etsy customer. This, too, is a computerized procedure.

Consider fulfilling orders from both channels independently. Isn’t that going to be a disaster?

Etsy Marketplace Integration’s robust order management capabilitiesShopify-vs-Etsy

Shopify may be used to fulfill Etsy orders.

Aside from allowing you to create Shopify listings on Etsy in seconds, managing goods, and keeping inventory in sync, the app has features that allow you to accept and handle Etsy orders from your Shopify shop, which serves as the central manager.

Synchronization in real-time

By keeping all shop changes in sync, the app will help you maintain track of your inventory. When you place an order on Etsy, it will be instantly updated on Shopify through the app. All critical shop data is delivered effortlessly via the app to make your selling process easier to handle, including listing administration and order fulfillment.

Inventory synchronization between platforms is critical to avoiding understocking throughout your growth process.

Shipping data are automatically updated.

automated shipping
automated shipping

You may opt to share shipment tracking information with your Etsy customers when the Etsy purchase is properly completed via your Shopify shop. The relevant data will be submitted to Etsy through the application. The procedure is automated, so you don’t have to perform it manually for each new order.

Management of Refunds

One of the most recent enhancements in the order management area enables the app to recognize refunded purchases on Etsy and sync inventory with your Shopify shop for all such orders, allowing you to handle Etsy orders from your Shopify business. When an item on Etsy is canceled and refunded, the app will notify you with a replenishment request, ensuring that your supplies are constantly up to date.

Major Seller Inquiries About Etsy Order Management through the Etsy Marketplace Integration

  • I don’t want to fulfill orders via the app, but I do want inventory sync. Is it conceivable?

To ensure successful inventory sync, you should fulfill Etsy orders using the app. The software will not be able to connect your Etsy and Shopify inventory if you use a different order management system. You must fulfill Etsy orders using the Etsy Marketplace Integration to prevent being understocked.

  • Why is it that my order says “SKU Not Available”? How do I make an order on Shopify?

When an item listing established directly on Etsy is not connected to your Shopify shop, any order placed for that item will not be correctly synchronized. This is due to the fact that the SKU of such goods is not synchronized with your Shopify shop.

To correct the mistake and correctly sync orders to Shopify, you must connect the product for which the order was made with its corresponding Shopify product.

If the product does not already exist on Shopify, you must first create it on Shopify before importing it from Etsy into the app and connecting it to the associated Shopify listing.

Orders on all connected items will be instantly synchronized with Shopify to allow for easy order management.

  • How can I cancel Etsy orders made using the app?

You will not be able to process refunds for Etsy purchases using the app due to API constraints. We suggest that you only do it via Etsy.

However, for all returned Etsy purchases, the software enables you to update and sync inventory with Shopify.

To improve order categorization and administration, all refunded orders should be labeled ‘Refunded from Etsy.’

  • Can I use Shopify to distinguish my Etsy orders?

Yes, all Etsy orders placed using the App are labeled “Etsy .” This will assist you in differentiating and managing orders from both sources.

  • Can I use the App to fulfill unpaid orders?

You may use the app to fulfill open and successfully paid orders. In rare situations, if the payment takes longer than six hours to complete, such orders are also approved for creation on Shopify. You may also simply fulfill them through Shopify.

Final Words

Making the choice to grow your company may be a daunting one. In fact, if you don’t have the right tools and strategy in place, having a wider reach and visibility may be unpleasant. The Etsy Marketplace Integration has been designed to help your road to becoming a larger company simpler and wiser. All App functionalities are developed for an ordinary seller with low technological understanding in mind. But if you make a mistake, we’ll be there to help.

Furthermore, you may completely design a multichannel shop and explore new ways to grow your company. We strongly propose LitCommerce – the ideal multi-channel selling solution for SME firms – if you need a user-friendly and economical selling tool to assist you with the management task.

If you need any further information, please contact us. Join our community as well for more great eCommerce news and advice.

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