Did you know that online buyers are expected to reach 2.14 billion by 2021? This is equivalent to 27.6% global population, which is 7.74 billion. This means that more than one out of every four people you meet is an online shopper. Simply put, sellers have 2.14 billion potential buyers who will shop online every day and are open to finding amazing products.

Digital buyer statistic
Digital buyer statistic

Website traffic is expected to rise during the eCommerce Holiday. A significant number of shoppers are eager to grab the latest deal so be prepared for the rush. Businesses can prepare Wish stores for holiday season to ensure customers have the best shopping experience.

This guide will walk you through the steps of preparing your Wish Store for holiday.

How Do You Plan a Successful Festive Season?

Preparing your Wish store for holiday is complex. The peak season for holiday preparation is October-December. This is when shoppers are most active, especially large-scale shoppers, which gives sellers an opportunity to increase their sales. Wish sellers should use this time to plan smartly and increase their profits. A well-planned approach will help you increase your sales during the festive season and also, improve your brand image.

To do so, you need a detailed plan of every big step you will take in order to get your target on sales. Here are some advice for you.

1. Identify Crucial Festivals For Wish

First, choose which festival or event you want to concentrate on. Do you have a particular festival in mind? Or would you prefer to work at every festival and be equally interested in them all? The eCommerce holiday season typically begins in November with Thanksgiving, continues through Cyber Monday, Christmas, and ends after New Year’s Day. It is better to prepare your Wish list for the holiday season now than later.

2. Pay attention to search trends and keywords

Next, research current trends to help you understand them and make sure your plan is relevant to your customers. To increase holiday sales on Wish, you should search for keywords with high volume that are relevant to this season. For example: wish holiday product, halloween wish product, etc.

trends and keywords
Trends and keywords

A high-volume keyword will let you reach more customers with the right attention for your niche. You should always prepare a list of target keywords for your holiday product collection, it will increase the chance that potential buyers find you on Wish’s search tool or on search engines.

3. Your product offerings can be a game-changer

The third step involves deciding which products you should offer this season. These are the questions you should answer:

  • Do you have a specific offer in mind?
  • Do you want to combine products to create a product package for a festival?

Alternatively, you may want to make minor adjustments to your product to position it for the Christmas season. To get attention from your buyers during this holiday season, you must market the right product at just the right time.

4. Make sure you are prepared with your promotion strategies

There are many ways to promote your product. You can decide ahead of time which promotion strategies you will use and then compare them to previous years’ data to determine if they were successful.

Promotion strategy
Promotion strategy

You can extract the data from your management system. It can be from your shopping cart (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento…) or from Wish management system. Another way is to use a selling tool such as LitCommerce to monitor not only one but many sale channels. This way, all of your data will be analyze then displace logically on the dashboard.

5. Enhance your shipping

For Wish sellers, delivery is the most important aspect of their eCommerce holiday planning. It is important to check your stock and highlight the dates that you will be able to accept an order. You should always keep some margin dates on your order in mind so that you can deliver on time. Take a look at the shipping policies to see if there are any ways you could modify them to allow delivery early and efficiently.

Shipping Wish

Multi-selling Made Easy

Want to minimize manual efforts when selling multi-channel? Try out LitCommerce – The Multichannel Selling Tool! LitCommerce allows store owners to list and sell products on the top global marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. without technical skills required.

How to prepare your Wish store for the festive season 2021

It is now time to prepare your Wish store for holiday season. This stage is much easier now that you have a fully-flexed Wish festive seasons plan for this holiday period.

1. Keep track of stock

Preparation is a complex process that requires a lot of attention. From stock availability to product delivery. For that reason, it’s important to always stay informed with the inventory and quickly update changes so you don’t lose customers.

2. Take care of your product listing.

wish store for holiday - Wish listing
Wish store for holiday – Wish listing

You should take a look at your product listing, and try to make it more attractive for Festival attendees. These are some suggestions:

  • Make sure to update the featured image.
  • Upload a new video to make the product more appealing.
  • Make sure your product title is relevant and keyword-rich.
  • Take the opportunity to provide all information that will convince a buyer to act in your favor.

3. Problem-solving skill

It’s better to be prepared for anything, even the worst. Regardless of how bizarre it may sound, not all situations are within our control. It is better to plan ahead and anticipate what actions can be taken in a given situation. How will you handle a situation like an order not being delivered on time? If this happens, what steps can you take to fix it? You can plan ahead by thinking about what could happen and creating a strategy.

Must-do steps to increase holiday sales on Wish

Appreciating your hard work is the final and most important step. You’ll now finish your final orders and return to normal with your holiday product listings. You can’t sell holiday products again, even next year. However, you can still plan a sale to get rid of the stock. As things slow down, you will need to remember three key points:

1. Keep track of your statistics

wish store for holiday - keep track of statistic

First, review the statistics for this year and take note of what you can learn. It will be easier to create more successful campaigns in the future if you understand the causes of your campaigns’ success and failure. Data analysis may also help you to find new ways to meet the needs of your clients. You can also see the total sales and profit you made during your eCommerce holiday sales on Wish.

2. Learn from your campaign

Now it’s time for you to take a look back at your holiday successes and challenges. Ask these questions.

  • What was your sales performance this year?
  • Did you manage to do it all smoothly?
  • Which strategies worked well and which didn’t?

You should also make note of things

  • You could have done better.
  • Or, what you wish that you’d done differently.
  • Or anything else you wish to keep in mind.

This information should be kept for the Wish festive season plan next year. This will allow you to make better future plans.

3. Keep your customer for the future

You need to now think about how you can convert holiday shoppers into loyal customers who will come back for more. How can you keep these customers coming back year after year? Sending a thank-you note might be a good idea. You can also offer coupons for future purchases.

Last Note

Mobile commerce has made a significant advancement in online selling. A single integration solution can make multi-channel selling easier for sellers. LitCommerce‘s Wish Marketplace Integration can help you streamline your preparations and make sure that you are festive-ready. Leave us a message for more information.

It is understandable that Wish wishes are in high demand this holiday season. After a tough year, business owners want to recover lost revenue and stay top of mind with customers. This festive season is one of the busiest in the retail calendar. These tips will help you win millions of hearts around the world.

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