In order to attract new customers and improve sales, many online store owners has found ways to list products on multiple platforms. The potential market for your eCommerce business is severely limited if you’re just selling through one channel. A multi-channel listing tool will allow your business to reach a broader audience and gain consumers who would not have discovered your items otherwise.

Let’s see the top 9 reasons why merchants should use multi-channel listing tools for their business.

1. Operational Benefits

Your multi-channel listing tool would be effective in monitoring key operational aspects. Intelligent order routing, for example, may guarantee that buyers receive your goods as soon as possible.

When it comes to inventory management, keeping real-time availability data across channels is crucial to your company’s performance. With a listing tool for your multi-channel store, you can easily monitor stock from just one place and stay informed about your inventory anytime you want.

2. The Power of Analytics

You may examine transaction data across a range of factors with your multi-channel listing management software at the heart of your multichannel selling strategy. You may learn about purchasing behavior for goods, brands, consumers, regions, and more across multiple channels.

Customer data and analytics may be an excellent decision-making tool for any small or medium-sized organization.

Multi-selling Made Easy

Want to minimize manual efforts when selling multi-channel? Try out LitCommerce – The Multichannel Selling Tool! LitCommerce allows store owners to list and sell products on the top global marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. without technical skill required.

3. Increase Product Visibility

Sellers frequently start their eCommerce enterprises on their own websites or sell only on marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy. However, multi-channel listing software allows retailers to easily broaden their reach and offer their products on various marketplaces.

This not only boosts the accessibility of their product and allows them to improve their brand, but it could also lead to increased sales.

Multi-channel listing systems like LitCommerce enable retailers to automatically list products across several eCommerce marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy from a single central catalog.

Listing tool: LitCommerce's multichannel listing systems
LitCommerce’s multi-channel listing systems

This is essential since customers would not want a restrictive range of option when it comes to choosing a suitable product. In fact, 73% of customers buy the same products from different marketplaces, thus giving them more choices that will pay off.

Furthermore, studies suggest that shoppers have a taste for items they frequently encounter. This phenomenon, known as the mere-exposure effect, indicates that individuals who are frequently, tolerantly engaged to a certain object establish a favorable connection with it and are more willing to purchase it.

4. Save Time

One of the most significant barriers to growing an eCommerce business is a long-time investment. Listing and managing items across sales channels take time, but merchants may streamline the process by bulk listing through a single product catalog.

With just a few clicks, merchants can publish new product listings in bulk to a number of sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Google Shopping… It also enables them to edit many fields at once, such as the product title, description, price, and pictures. Any changes will be automatically synced across all sales channels, as seen below.

litCommerce automated sync
LitCommerce automated sync

This saves time, ensures consistency, and lowers the risk of mistakes across platforms.

Listing on multiple channel with LitCommerce
Listing on multiple channels with LitCommerce

Product listings can also be tailored to certain sales channels by sellers. Templates may be applied to new or existing listings, and any modifications to a template will immediately update all published listings on that platform — or across several markets at the same time, if necessary — saving hours of effort.

And all of the time saved can be put back into your business, allowing sellers to focus on other vital elements of their eCommerce business, such as marketing or product development.

5. Prevent Overselling

Inventory management across different sales channels may be challenging. Overselling not only irritates customers but may also harm a seller’s reputation on platforms such as Amazon and eBay. These eCommerce sites, in particular, place a high value on seller feedback, which can damage a seller’s chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box and even lower your listings’ placement in eBay search results.

However, multi-channel softwares provide inventory management features that make it simple to track goods across all warehouses and sales channels, as seen below. This assists vendor in avoiding overselling and underselling.

LitCommerce inventory management
LitCommerce inventory management

Inventory management across multiple sales channels may be difficult. Overselling not only annoys buyers but may also affect a seller’s credibility on sites like Amazon and eBay. These eCommerce sites, in particular, play a vital role in seller feedback, which can hurt a seller’s prospects of winning the Amazon Buy Box and even reduce the rank of your listings in eBay search results.

However, inventory-management tools such as LitCommerce make it straightforward to track items across all warehouses and sales channels, as seen below. This helps the merchant avoid overselling and underselling.

6. Run Sales Smoothly

Online retail events could be a fantastic way to attract new customers and generate income, but when sales are brisk, it can increase the probability of errors and blunders, such as overselling, delaying shipment, losing orders due to system breakdowns, and offering poor customer care.

This is another scenario where multi-channel listing solutions can help by ensuring that inventory is updated in real-time, automating order processing, and acting as a bridge between the eCommerce platform and the back-end system. This final aspect is especially essential for merchants that move a big amount of merchandise because the software protects systems from failing or shutting up due to an overload.

7. Respond to Customers Faster

One of the difficulties of selling items across numerous sales channels is delivering excellent customer service. When customers contact you with queries about items or purchases, you might need to check it on the particular marketplace in order to reply.

Get instance notice new order appeared
Get instant notice when new order appeared

However, with a multi-channel listing software, eCommerce merchants will have all messages sent to a single location, allowing them to reply quickly. Integrated buyer-messaging support simplifies communication and enables better organization.

Furthermore, prompt replies to customer complaints and inquiries can enhance sellers’ feedback ratings on specific sales platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, increasing the probability of winning the Amazon Buy Box and helping eBay listings rank better in search results.

8. Get Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Sellers may use eCommerce listing software to simplify, expand, and improve their companies in a variety of ways. And if a seller requires a service that their software does not provide, there is almost always an integration system that can meet their demands.

Integrate with muptiple channel
Integrate with muptiple channels

LitCommerce’s APIs enable developers and ERP systems to interface directly with its software, allowing for the addition of any number of functions, making the platform very configurable. Furthermore, linking LitCommerce to third-party systems allows you to automate a variety of operations.

Final Words

So are you ready to grow your business on different platforms? Why let potential customers across multiple selling channels slip away? All you need to do is take advantage of the multi-channel listing tools to broaden your customer touchpoint.

If you’re looking for an amazing multi-channel selling tool that is easy to use at an affordable price, take a look at LitCommerce – the easiest solution for store owners to list and sell their products on the world’s largest online marketplaces.

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