Etsy SEO is the process of increasing an online shop’s visibility in search engines such as Google or Etsy’s own search system. SEO can be challenging especially since search engines are continuously changing the way consumers search.

Therefore, sellers should have a basic understanding of Etsy SEO best practices. This helps optimize their businesses for search and get their items in front of more potential customers.

Not sure how to make your Etsy shop more SEO-friendly? In this article, you will learn:

  • How Etsy search work
  • Factors that go into search ranking
  • 8 Etsy SEO tips to help your store stand out in the search results

Let’s go!

How Etsy Search Works

Etsy search is a powerful tool that connects buyers with the items they’re looking for, making it simple for them to purchase.

According to Etsy’s technical SEO consultants, the search process is divided into 2 stages are Query matching and Ranking. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Query matching: When a buyer inputs a search term, Etsy will check for listings that match that term in the inventory.
  • Ranking: Etsy rates the matching listings based on 8 key factors as follows:
  1. Relevancy: Listings may appear in search results if their tags, titles, categories, and attributes match a user’s search phrase. Exact match keywords rank higher in the search results.
  2. Listing quality score: This essentially indicates how effectively it transforms. Etsy uses clues to determine how interesting a listing is. Thus the more people who view and purchase a listing, the higher its quality score will be.
  3. Recency: How recently the item listing was created. When a new listing is made, Etsy raises it in the search results for a limited time. This is an effective way to help determine its quality score.
  4. Customer and market experience score: Each business has a score that influences its position based on customer reviews, how complete your shop’s “About” section is, and any negative comments.
  5. Shipping price: This is an important factor that influences a user’s buying decision. Etsy prioritizes companies that ship for free or offer a free-shipping assurance to customers in the US.
  6. Translation and language: All the store information must be in the language you choose when you started your Etsy account.
  7. Shop location: The seller’s location is taken into account in the EU, Australia, and Canada, and local items appear somewhat higher in the search results. Furthermore, location isn’t a factor in searches done within other countries.
  8. Shopper’s habits: Search results are also personalized for each shopper. Etsy analyzes what customers want and shows them the things they’re most likely to buy.

Etsy SEO also uses its Context Specific Ranking (CSR) technology to rate listings. Based on the buyers’ preferences throughout Etsy, CSR helps display relevant listings that are more likely to be purchased.

Now you know how Etsy SEO works, keep reading to find out how you can apply what you’ve learned to enhance your shop’s SEO with these 8 tips.

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8 Etsy SEO Tips to Improve Your Shop’s Visibility

1. Change your Etsy shop name that describes your products.

Your shop title is a short description of your business that lets customers know what you make and sell.

Take advantage of the opportunity to title your store appropriately. This title will become the page title for your shop page and will be the first text that a user sees when visiting your shop. You should consider a title that reflects the type of things you sell, for example, SoapMakingTools sells soap-making tools on Etsy.

LitCommerce has finally published the detailed guide on how to change your Etsy shop name. Check it out!

Change your Etsy shop name
Change your Etsy shop name

If you know that customers will locate your products by searching for your actual name, incorporate your name in the shop title so that they can find you quickly. If you are new to Etsy, check out our 10 best-selling items to get a fresh start.

2. Use your main & important keywords

  • How keywords work in Etsy search

To begin, you’ll need to understand how Etsy SEO calculates which listings will appear in search results.

Items in Etsy must match a user’s search phrases, and exact matches will appear highest in the search results.

If a customer searches for an “animal sticker”, the search will return all items that contain both “animal” and “sticker” in the listing tags or titles. The system will replace those things in the most relevant order based on keywords.

Here’s what Etsy SEO considers when ranking search results:

  • An exact phrase match is more powerful than matching individual search phrases. For instance, “animal sticker” will be prioritized over a match for “animal” or “sticker”.
  • When a search term appears in both the title and tags of a listing, Etsy deems that listing to be more relevant than one with the search term only in the tags or title.
  • Words at the beginning of titles are more important than words at the end. For example, “animal sticker waterproof” would rank above “waterproof animal sticker”.
  • Finding keywords for your Etsy listings

You should consider yourself as a buyer while selecting which keywords will perform best for your search listings.

Let’s try to raise some questions like “What terms would you use to search for a specific product?”. It’s better if you test those keywords by typing them into the search bar on Etsy to see what comes up to determine if it’s a good fit.

Another Etsy SEO tip is that you should also consider long-tail keywords or specific terms. That is because there is less competitive and people searching for exactly what they want are more likely to make a purchase.

To make it clear, if you include “cotton customized name T-shirts” in your keyword list, users who search for that exact term will easily find your listing.

Find your keyword for Etsy SEo
Find your keyword for Etsy SEO

While thinking about prospective keywords, it’s easy to rely on physical item descriptions, such as the size or color of your item.

You can consider other search terms that a buyer might use in addition to describing your product in terms of what it is, such as the following:

  • Occasion: Users may search for the terms like “bachelorette party,” “stocking stuffer,” “first anniversary,” and “tacky sweater party” on Etsy.
  • Style: Consider how this influences the way your listing is found when your shoppers frequently have an aesthetic in mind. For example, “rustic”, “minimalist”, “nature-inspired”, “art deco”, and so on.
  • Solution: You should provide your customers with a solution. Consider how a user may look for a way to solve their problem such as “drawer organizer”, or “microchip pet tag”, etc.

In the end, use SEO tools to figure out which keywords are the most popular. You can use Google Keyword Planner or other Etsy SEO tools like Marmalead which assist its sellers in finding and analyzing keywords relevant to their business.

3. Avoid repeating the same keyword

When a buyer searches on Etsy for something, the search algorithm will only show one or two listings from a single seller. It’s mostly depending on how closely the listings match the user’s search. De-clumping is a technique used by Etsy to ensure that a diverse range of stores appears in the search results.

To be more specific, when you search for “Photo decor frames & displays” on Etsy, a large number of distinct shops will be revealed as the picture below.

Photo decor frames & displays
Photo decor frames & displays

Because of the de-clumping in Etsy, you shouldn’t use the same primary keyword for more than a couple of your items. Or else, you’ll be competing with yourself in search results.

For example, if you sell a range of swimwear in your shop, using the term “swimwear” for every item you have for sale isn’t a good idea. Instead, vary your keywords by utilizing the term “swimwear” a few times and come up with related terms like “one-piece swimsuit”, or “boho beachwear”.

4. Make use of all 13 tags in each listing

You’ll need to fill out some fields while creating a product listing, such as the listing title, category, and description. In fact, the asterisk (*) beside these fields is mandatory, Etsy takes into account the information supplied in all of them when displaying search results.

Etsy Listing Details Page
Etsy Listing Details Page

Although the tags area is optional, it is critical to provide a variety of tags in order to optimize your listings for search. You can use up to 13 tags to improve Etsy SEO, but it’s better if you use all of them.

You should consider synonyms that consumers would use to search for your item when brainstorming tags such as “cap” and “hat”.

Also, examining how a shopper’s region could influence how they search for an item. If you sell flip-flops, you might want to use the term “thong sandals” to reach shoppers in other nations. Long-tail keywords can also be used in your tags.

When it comes to tagging, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Tags should not be repeated. For instance, if you sell baby headbands, you shouldn’t use both “baby headband” and “infant headband”. Instead, use a range of tags such as “baby headband” and “infant headpiece” to bring your items in front of more sellers.
  • If a tag is already present in attributes, don’t use it. You don’t need to add a tag for “red and gold vintage earrings” if you previously specified that you’re selling red and gold vintage earrings. Thus, you don’t need to fill out your item’s attributes – the extra data you can add to your listings after picking a category.
Category Page
Category Page
  • Tags should not contain plurals or misspellings. When a user enters a query, Etsy scans for root words and redirects users who make frequent spelling mistakes.
You can add up to 13 tags
You can add up to 13 tags
  • Adding tags in several languages isn’t a good idea. Only use the language you choose when you created your store. Etsy will help translate your listings.

5. Include keywords in the first few listings

When creating a new listing, start with the most important info about your shop or item – in other words, the keywords you want to rank for. This not only captures the eye of a consumer but also helps Etsy in determining which items are relevant to a user’s search phrase.

When putting the items on the listing page, you should look over how you can get the most significant features of your item in the first few words.

  • Item title: At the beginning of the item title, clearly describe your item and include keywords that a buyer would use to search for.


  • Item description: You can utilize the first 160 characters of your item description to build your listing page’s meta description. This is the text that shows beneath your page title in search engine results. While your description might be longer than 160 characters, the first 40 characters should contain the most significant keywords for your product.
Item Description
Item Description
  • Shop sections: You can create up to 20 custom sections in your shop, each has its own landing page. A page title based on the section name will be used for each landing page.
Shop section
Shop section

These page titles, like your store title, are what a user will see in a search engine when they click on a link to your shop. The name of a section can be up to 24 characters long.

6. Regular update your listings

Recency is a factor in Etsy’s search algorithm when you created a new listing, and it receives a temporary boost.

As a result, Etsy can learn about how customers engage with it and use that information to evaluate the listing’s quality score. Renewed listings also receive a similar boost, which can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. That’s because Etsy will remain you listings depending on how frequently consumers look for specific items.

Moreover, renewing or re-listing your products on a regular basis isn’t an effective long-term Etsy SEO strategy, it can be beneficial to renew listings at specific times.

For instance, if you’ve already optimized the keyword and it’s incredibly competitive, it may be beneficial to give it a boost. You should choose particular times when a massive number of people are browsing on Etsy and making purchases.

Or else, you won’t see much of a gain if you refresh a listing at 3 AM on Monday because it isn’t a peak traffic time.

7. Advertise your store to get inbound links

Both the Etsy SEO algorithm and the search engines attempt to produce relevant and entertaining search results. They achieve this in a variety of ways, including exposing sites or items that are often linked to other sources.

Etsy Ads
Etsy Ads

While you can link your Etsy shop to your own website or blog, you should also look for other chances to improve Etsy SEO. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Share your products on social media sites like Pinterest where everyone can easily re-share.
  • Make contact with other websites and bloggers to have your shop’s listings featured. In exchange for free products, request reviews from influencers.
  • Make contact with other Etsy shop owners to discuss strategies to promote your products through cross-promotion.
  • Start an affiliate program for your store. This is when you team up with industry influencers that promote your products to their followers via email, blog posts, and social media. Affiliate programs are less expensive than advertising, making them a cost-effective approach to getting more sales on Etsy.

8. Ensure better customer experience

Etsy always wants to give customers the best shopping experience possible, therefore the marketplace looks at whether a shop has an excellent customer service record. If the shop is, the likelihood of its listings appearing higher in search results will increase.

You should complete every area of your business to confirm your business complies with Etsy’s standards. It should be the About, Shipping, Payment options, Returns & Exchanges, and Privacy Stores sections. If your store has these areas filled out, they’ll have more selling potential and higher search ranks.

The level of customer service you provide can also negatively affect your Etsy SEO. Responding to customer inquiries quickly, completing returns and exchanges, and responding to negative feedback can result in favorable reviews and improve search results. On the other hand, disagreements with buyers or issues with intellectual property infringement might have a negative impact on search ranking.

Final words – Stay Fresher for Etsy SEO

In 2022, the quality of customer service on Etsy SEO hasn’t altered all that much from prior years. However, because the industry is always becoming more competitive, it’s something you’ll have to be always “active” about.

If you’re a professional seller, a little refresher of your Etsy store will help you keep the search traffic coming. Or else, in case you’re a newbie, follow the tips above to lay a solid foundation so you can obtain those first sales and become an Etsy behemoth! Besides, some technical SEO consultants might also effectively aid your SEO efforts.

If you currently have a business website and want to start selling on Etsy to grow your sales, LitCommerce can be your best companion. LitCommerce is a SaaS system that allows e-sellers to list and sell products on the largest selling platforms and manage all data with just a single dashboard.

You can contact the customer support team for further assistance or join our Facebook Community for the best eCommerce tips and tricks.

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