eBay was among some of the most popular online marketplaces across the entire internet. Founded in 1995, after more than 20 years of development, the eCommerce giant has become a trusted place for customers all around the world to shop. Currently, there are more than 187 million users on eBay worldwide (according to eBay’s Q1 report 2021).

Simple but effective, that’s the core business philosophy eBay has aimed for since day one. With the auction-selling system, eBay creates a fair and competitive environment for both sellers and buyers to join in. The multinational e-commerce company uses review as an important tool for all merchants to build credibility for their online stores and also, for shoppers to quickly find the best deal. Hence, eBay product review plays an important role when it comes to making use of this amazing marketplace.

In this article, we will bring you everything you need to know about eBay product review including:

  • How to leave product review on eBay for both buyer and seller?
  • How to remove product review on eBay?
  • Popular problems when using eBay product review

How to leave product review on eBay?

After purchasing a product, nearly all customers want to leave a review as feedback for both the product and the service they received. In addition, it’s also evident for other buyers to consult before purchasing the product. Hence, it’s a good idea to understand and make use of eBay product review whether you are a buyer or seller.

eBay allows both buyer and sellers to leave their reviews. Buyers rate sellers on service, pricing, customer service, product description accuracy, and product quality. On the other hand, sellers rate buyers on payment speed and overall transaction satisfaction.

  • Leave an eBay product review as a seller

As a seller, you can also use eBay product review as an excellent tool to say thank you to your customer. You should leave a review for the customer as soon as they complete the payment.

Here are 3 simple steps to leave an eBay product review:

  1. To leave your feedback for buyers, navigate to My eBay then choose “Sold” or go to  Seller Hub then choose “Ordersebay product review - leave your feedback for buyers
  2. Locate your item then click “Leave Feedback”.ebay product review - choose leave feedback
  3. After rating from 1-5 stars, write your feedback then click “Leave Feedback” to save and submit your feedback.

Note: Feedback left for buyers cannot be changed once submitted.

  • Leave an eBay product review as a seller

As a buyer, leaving feedback means you’re telling the seller what you think and letting other buyers know about your experience. Your feedback combines with others’ to build a rich base of knowledge so it’s going to be much easier to find a great store for everyone next time using eBay.

After purchasing, eBay will send you an email reminding you to leave feedback for your seller. You can use the link from the email or go to Purchase History at My eBay

2 simple steps to leave an eBay product review as a seller:Purchase history

  1. Click the “Leave Feedback” button next to the item you would like to rate the service you received.Leave Feedback
  2. Just choose your rating from 1-5 stars then write a review about their service. Click “Leave Feedback” at the bottom of the form to save. Feedback can be changed or updated later if needed, though you’ll need to contact the seller.Feedback profile

How to remove product review on eBay?

No one wants a bad review, it’ll lower your store credibility and also, reduce the conversion rate. That’s why you should carefully monitor all your eBay product reviews from day one. Indeed, according to Brightlocal, only 48% of consumers would consider using a business with fewer than 4 stars. 

Being said, it’s impossible to do business without a complaint from your customer. It’ll happen sooner or later. With the eBay rating system, this marketplace even makes it easier for customers to identify the best store by its reputation. Hence, a bad review can cause damage to your sale.

eBay offers two options when merchants need to remove a review on their store. You can either ask the customer to change, remove feedback, or request eBay to remove it.

1. Ask your customer to remove their negative feedback on eBay

eBay allows you to ask your customer to revise or remove their negative feedback. However, for every 1000 feedback in a year, you only have 5 times to make the request for review revision.

Therefore, it’s important to use these requests wisely. You should use it If the feedback was bad and it might affect your reputation rather than neutral feedback. Also, carefully consider if the buyer is willing to update and change their feedback before making the request. So, remember to make contact and find out more about your customer as much as possible.

When should you try to change negative feedback :

  • In some cases, customers might rate under 4 stars but if the review is good, there’s a high chance that they will send you a request to repost the feedback.
  • You awarded the buyer’s problem and fixed it. For example, replacing the faulty product

Note: Make sure to constantly monitor the feedback you receive and reach out to customers quickly because revisions must be made within 30 days of the feedback being posted.

To do so, go to the eBay Feedback Forum 

  1. Choose Request Feedback Revision and submit a Feedback revision request.request feedback revision
  2. Choose the review you want to request revisions for.Feedback profile
  3. Select the reason for your request in the Give the buyer a reason. Enter any additional info for the buyer in the text box. You can enter up to 500 characters. Then click Send.

    Report a customer
    Report a customer

2. Report the review to eBay

The second choice is to report your customer in case they violated eBay policy. Keep in mind that you only have 90 days since the original transaction.

When should you report a buyer review:

  • The customer demanded an item that wasn’t offered in the original listing.
  • The buyer is making a false claim.
  • You believe the buyer is taking advantage of the eBay Money Back Guarantee or Refund policy for personal purposes.
  • The buyer asked you to complete a sale off eBay.
  • The customer abusing the bid retraction process, repeatedly bidding and then retracting bids.
  • They sent spam messages when they had no intention of buying the item.
  1. In order to report an eBay buyer, go to My eBay. Then, go to your orders and click on Leave feedback next to the order you need. Then, select the Report buyer option.
  2. Choose your problem and describe more in the below section. When completed, select Send feedback.

Report your buyer

After that, the eBay team will quickly investigate the report and will remove the feedback for you.

eBay seller’s feedback score

Each eBay store has a feedback score, next to the star at the Seller Information that customers will see every time they make a purchase. According to eBay, the seller ratings let you know how other buyers have found the experience of making a purchase from your seller. The higher the seller’s feedback score, the better the seller.

Note: Buyers can leave feedback on any transaction that they’ve had with a seller over the previous 60 days. eBay feedback score

A buyer’s feedback for a seller is made up of three parts:

  1. Overall rating: it can be “positive,” “neutral,” or “negative.”
  2. A short summary of how the sale went.
  3. Seller ratings (also known as detailed seller ratings or DSRs), covering four different aspects of the transaction including item description, communication, shipping time, shipping, and handling charges.

eBay will calculate your feedback score based on this standard:

  • +1 for each positive feedback.
  • No change for neutral feedback.
  • -1 for each negative feedback.

The color of the star next to your store name shows the reputation of your store and also, helps customers to find the best store for their purchase.eBay feedback level

Final Words

That’s everything you need to know about eBay product review, from leaving a review as a customer or seller, removing the bad review from your customer to the eBay feedback score system. Keep in mind that eBay review is your reputation, the more you invest in improving customer feedback, the more trust you can gain from your buyer.

Other than eBay, there are tons of marketplace for you to find new customers such as Amazon, Google Shopping, or Etsy. You can totally build a multichannel store and look for more opportunities to expand your business. If you need a user-friendly and affordable selling tool to help you with the management job, we highly recommend LitCommerce – the perfect multi-channel selling tool for SME businesses.

Leave us a message if you need more information. Also, join our community for more exciting eCommerce news and tips.

Good luck!

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