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Seize the eCommerce Trends with Tiktok Shop Listing Tool

Take advantage of the latest eCommerce trend with our TikTok Shop integration. Effortlessly manage your listings and tap into the massive TikTok user base to grow your sales.

What You Can Get From TikTok Shop Listing Tool

Seamless Marketplace Integration


One-click connect with multiple sales channels at once. No technical skills or re-platforming are required. You can manage all channels within the LitCommerce app.

Time-saving Listing Management


Bulk import, create and edit listings with an easy-to-use interface. By setting rules to your listings, the data-filling process will be much faster and more effective.

Inventory and Price Sync

Sync of product listings, orders, pricings and inventory between your eCommerce platform store and sales channels. No more overselling or stock-out errors.

Unified Order fulfillment

Import your sales channel orders directly into your eCommerce platform’s order page. Cut down the workflow, save time and just focus on business growth.

Popular Regions Supported

Selling on TikTok across diverse regions poses challenges. LitCommerce supports sellers in the US, UK, Asia, and beyond, simplifying global reach with advanced features and support.

Time-saving Product Category Auto Suggest

Unlocking product visibility on TikTok involves an effective strategy. With LitCommerce, we analyze your product details and suggest the best category, streamlining your listing process.

What Sets TikTok Shop Apart?

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    Immersive LIVE Shopping Experience

    LIVE shopping enables direct communication and connection with consumers through immersive and highly engaging content.

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    Viral Potential

    TikTok’s algorithm promotes content that resonates with users, giving sellers the chance to create viral campaigns that can rapidly increase brand awareness.

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    Gen Z and Millennial Audience

    TikTok’s user base primarily consists of younger demographics, making it an ideal platform for sellers targeting Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

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    Diverse eCommerce Seller Tools

    Seamlessly connect your TikTok Shop with a variety of eCommerce features, enabling users to make purchases directly within the app and enhance the shopping experience.

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    Mobile-Centric Platform

    TikTok Shop allows you to connect with users on their smartphones, ensuring maximum reach and engagement among potential buyers worldwide.

How to Integrate with TikTok Shop

Step 1: Connect your store to TikTok Shop

Select your eCommerce platform from our list of supported platforms, such as Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, etc. Then, choose TikTok Shop as a marketplace you want to sell on. After that, you can connect to other marketplaces via LitCommerce.

Check out our available integrations right here.

Step 2: List products on TikTok Shop

LitCommerce supports 3 cases when selling on TikTok Shop:

  1. Case 1: You have products on your eCommerce platform, and you want to list them on TikTok Shop.
  2. Case 2: You have products on TikTok Shop and want to import product listings to your eCommerce platform.
  3. Case 3: You have products on both TikTok Shop and eCommerce platform, and you want to link them together.

Products listed in the TikTok Shop store will be stored in the tab Draft. You can edit products before publishing them live on TikTok Shop.

Step 3: Enable TikTok Shop sync

The products details such as product name, images, inventory, price, orders, etc., are synced between your eCommerce platform and Sales Channel every 15 minute.

Step 4: Manage TikTok Shop order flow

Once you enable the Order Sync feature, your eCommerce platform will instantly receive all order details from TikTok Shop. Conveniently, you can review and fulfill them alongside orders from your online store in one place.

Note: You can fulfill orders from your eCommerce store once you choose the “Shipped by Seller” fulfillment method.

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Which Platform Can You Integrate with TikTok Shop?

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WooCommerce Integration
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BigCommerce Integration
wix logo
sqaurespace logo
Squarespace Integration
Magento Integration
Shopline Integration
Prestashop Integration
Shopware Integration
Square Integration
OpenCart Integration
Shoplazza Integration

FAQs – About LitCommerce TikTok Shop Listing Tool

What is TikTok Shop integration?

TikTok Shop integration is the process of integrating your eCommerce platform with your TikTok Shop using a third-party tool. You can use LitCommerce’s TikTok Shop listing tool to bulk-list products and manage your product listings, orders, and inventory. 

How do I integrate with TikTok Shop?

The process of integrating your eCommerce platform with TikTok Shop takes 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Connect to TikTok Shop
  • Step 2: List products on the TikTok Shop
  • Step 3: Enable TikTok Shop sync
  • Step 4: Manage TikTok Shop order flow

Notes: When listing products on TikTok Shop, check if you need to list products on TikTok Shop, list products from TikTok Shop to your store, or link the same products on two channels together.

What are some use cases when selling on TikTok?

There are 3 common use cases when you sell on TikTok Shop, here are:

  • Case 1: You have products on your eCommerce platform, and you want to list them on TikTok Shop.
  • Case 2: You have products on TikTok Shop and want to import product listings to your eCommerce platform.
  • Case 3: You have products on both TikTok Shop and eCommerce platform, and you want to link them together. 

For more information and further guidance, check out our guidelines here

What platforms does LitCommerce support to integrate with TikTok?

Identified as an TikTok listing tool, LitCommerce supports you in listing products from 12 eCommerce platforms, including:

  1. Shopify
  2. Wix
  3. WooCommerce
  4. BigCommerce
  5. Squarespace
  6. Square
  7. ShopLine
  8. Shopware
  9. Prestashop
  10. Opencart
  11. Magento
  12. Shoplazza

Those eCommerce platforms will act as the source store when importing products and also the place to fulfill orders from all sales channels

Can LitCommerce import my TikTok Shop orders into my eCommerce platform?

Yes, once you enable Order Sync, LitCommerce will import all order details (product and buyer info) into your eCommerce platform order page. You can manage and fulfill all your orders in one dashboard.

However, please note that we only import orders once you choose the “Shipped by Seller” fulfillment method.

How much does LitCommerce charge TikTok integration?

LitCommerce provides a FREE FOREVER PLAN along with other paid plans. We use a ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing model based on the number of integrated channels and how many listings you have.

Please check our pricing page and calculate how much you will pay for the TikTok Shop integration.

Why Our Customer Trust Us

“LitCommerce allows us to set up and install quickly with just a couple of clicks…”

Very minimal configuration. LitCommerce allowed us to import our Etsy listings into LitCommerce and the freedom to modify and sync all those listings to multiple marketplaces, including BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy…

Mr. Rodrigo, CEO of Bien Hecho

  • Courtdale CrossingsUnited States

    Litcommerce is GREAT!

    Excellent platform to use for my new business and it just so happens to come with amazing customer service! A+++++++

    Review Source

  • J BrownUnited Kingdom

    My go to for multiple sales channel selling

    I've been using lit commerce for my online store and eBay store for about 4 months now. 5/5 Definitely...

    Review Source

  • Lovely ThinkingsPortugal

    Friendly and helpful

    Friendly, quick and helpful customer service. Wide enough range of connection options to meet my needs.

    Review Source

  • Adam RogersUnited States

    I am really impressed with the level of support.

    Both times I had several questions and a small issue and both times two different people responded instantly....

    Review Source

  • Castle Rocks CornwallUnited Kingdom

    Near perfect - excellent customer service

    LitCommerce is close to perfect. It could have some extra tools to help edit content/descriptions etc - what we use on Etsy...

    Review Source

  • Flippin GoodiesUnited States

    I have tried a few apps for cross listing

    And the team at LitCommerce are by far the best out there. They have already added a few functions to the app that we need in order to use it...

    Review Source

  • Botan SaydaUnited Kingdom

    Solves all my problems on one platform

    Solves all my problems on one platform, easy to use and incredible support team which are responsive almost instantly and very helpful...

    Review Source

  • LubnaSyria

    Great customer service team

    Great customer service team, fast and helpful

    Review Source

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