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Shopify Etsy Integration Guideline

Deciding to integrate Shopify with Etsy – one of the top online marketplaces – means that you must have considered all important factors, including the fees involved. However, after taking advantage of the multichannel selling solution, sure it will be worth every penny.

#Step 1: Connect Shopify and Etsy

#Step 2: List products on Etsy

#Step 3: Sync Shopify and Etsy

#Step 4: Manage Etsy orders on Shopify

Let’s integrate Shopify with Etsy with LitCommerce!

#Step 1: Connect Etsy to Shopify

Before connecting Etsy to Shopify, make sure you already have a Shopify online store available, or else, you must create a new one to start integrating.

Connect to Shopify

Give your channel a name before clicking on the Connect your account button. Previously, make sure you have a business account on Etsy before the connection.

integrate shopify with etsy

Then, a pop-up window will appear asking you to log into your Etsy account and allow LitCommerce access.

Afterward, you can add other sales channels from the LitCommerce dashboard if you want to integrate with other marketplaces as well.

Finally, you have arrived at your dashboard. Now you can get to work from here. Below is a detailed guide on how to connect Shopify to your Etsy store while using the LitCommerce app.

#Step 2: List products on Etsy

Once you finished connecting Shopify to Etsy, LitCommerce will automatically perform Etsy to Shopify import.

Following the product import, choose either all products or certain ones you wish to list on the marketplaces. Then select Etsy from the List Products on Channel dropdown menu.

integrate shopify with etsy

#Step 3: Enable Shopify Etsy sync

In this step, you should use the QuickGrid feature to edit Etsy listings better. Single edit mode is used to edit one by one while Multi-edit mode is used for multiple editings.

LitCommerce allows you to sync Shopify and Etsy inventory, price, and order.

When you enable the Shopify Etsy sync function, all pricing changes made in your Shopify store will be reflected on Etsy. When an order is placed, inventory sync changes the inventory quantity for all channels to match.

integrate shopify with etsy

To start syncing, choose Etsy from the main dashboard and click Channel Settings at the top right corner.

You will arrive at 3 sections: Pricing, Inventory, and Order. Click on the switches beside all the Sync options and confirm to turn on these features.

  • Pricing synchronization

You can create your own rules to fit how you want them to be displayed on your Etsy store. Price rules allow you to increase or decrease the price of all Etsy listings by a fixed amount or by a percentage. After you set the rule, it will apply to all listings on Etsy.

pricing sync

  • Shopify Etsy inventory sync

Set inventory rules by indicating the proportion of available inventory or the minimum and maximum amounts to be displayed on Etsy.

inventory sync

For more details, LitCommerce will update adjustments in the central catalog to match your Shopify catalog once Inventory Synchronization is active. After that, it will change the inventory quantity on Etsy by default to correspond with that on your LitCommerce account.

However, the inventory sync only works if you change the quantity on your Shopify Main Store rather than the other way around.

  • Order synchronization

This feature can also help you avoid overselling by displaying the correct number for each product. For example, if you receive orders through a channel, the product quantity in the LitCommerce central catalog will decrease by the same amount.

order sync

By enabling this feature, you will be able to access your Shopify store and fulfill orders from Etsy. In addition, LitCommerce collects new Etsy orders and imports them into Shopify, allowing you to handle orders from your Shopify dashboard.

If you want to manage orders on different channels, deactivate this option. When you’re finished, select Save Setting< at the bottom of the page to save any changes you’ve just made.

#Step 4: Manage Etsy Orders

Incoming orders from Etsy that occurred will be pulled into your Shopify dashboard. Afterward, you can choose whether to review orders before the fulfillment process or have LitCommerce import them right into your existing order flow for centralized multichannel fulfillment.

integrate shopify with etsy

Unlocking new sales channels can be a daunting task for any eCommerce seller. Fortunately, with Shopify Etsy integration, you can connect your online store with both Shopify and Etsy in just 4 simple steps. Still confused about the guide? Don’t hesitate to Chat with Us for more assistance. Let’s embark on a journey of growth and success with LitCommerce Shopify Etsy integration.