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Join us in this tutorial series, where we’ll walk you through the crucial steps to ignite your multichannel selling adventure. In this course, everything will be included from the setup stage to in-depth tutorials to level up your business while using LitCommerce app.

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LitCommerce Features

  • Multichannel Connect

    Save valuable time by conveniently managing various channels in one place. This user-friendly feature is designed to simplify the process, allowing even newcomers to swiftly connect to multiple channels with just one click.

  • LiveSync

    Let’s unveil the LiveSync features of LitCommerce. Dive into how this incredible feature allows sellers to seamlessly connect and sync prices, orders, and inventory in real time.

  • QuickGrid

    Introduce the QuickGrid features of LitCommerce – your ultimate solution for multichannel selling. Our innovative feature is a spreadsheet-style interface where you can view, edit, and manage all your product listings on a single screen.

  • Integrated Order Flow

    Our innovative feature helps streamline multichannel distribution by importing and keeping track of your order status from a single dashboard. From here, sellers can efficiently process and fulfill orders, whether they’re on the Main Store or other channels.

  • Template and recipe

    Templates and Recipes

    Templates and Recipes are our multi-selling features that help you edit listings on sales channels easily but effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned eCommerce pro or just starting, these features can take your product listings to the next level.

Basics & Setup

  • Step 1: Connect Main Store

    The first step is to connect your eCommerce store. This is known as a Center Hub, where you can manage all products and orders from every channel.

  • Step 2: Connect Sales Channel

    The second step is to connect your sales channel. You can connect as many as you want based on your business needs.

  • Step 3: Create and Import Listings

    Once connecting 2 channels, you can start listing your products or import current listings for easy sales management.

  • Step 4: Link and Create Listings

    Linking enables data to flow from LitCommerce to your listings and ensures that your channels are always filled with the most up-to-date data.

  • Step 5: Set up Inventory Sync

    With inventory sync turned on, LitCommerce will automatically update the inventory quantity on your sales channels to match the quantity in your Main Store.

  • Step 6: Set up Pricing Sync

    The Price Sync feature will update the price of all listings on your channels according to the price of products in the LitCommerce catalog. 

  • Step 7: Manage Order Flow

    Once turned on Order Sync, LitCommerce will automatically pull channel orders from your Main Store to manage and fulfill orders in one place.

List Products on Marketplaces

  • List products on Etsy

    In this video, we’ll guide you through the essential steps to list your handy crafts on Etsy.

  • List products on TikTok Shop

    This video will lead you step-by-step through the crucial procedures necessary to effectively list products on TikTok Shop.

  • List products on Reverb

    We’ll walk you through the fundamental steps required to successfully list your music items on Reverb.

  • List products on Amazon

    This video will walk you through the crucial steps required to successfully list your products on Amazon.

  • List products on eBay

    This video will show you a detailed guide to effectively list products on TikTok Shop.

  • List products on Walmart

    List products on Walmart

    Join us as we guide you through the essential steps needed to effectively list your items on Walmart.

  • list products on google merchant center

    List products on Google

    Come along with us as we lead you through the crucial steps necessary for successfully listing your items on Google Merchant Center.

  • List product on facebook shops

    List products on Facebook

    Let’s guide you through the essential steps necessary for effectively listing your items on Facebook Shops.

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