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List Faster With LitCommerce
Google Merchant Listing Tool

Get your products live on Google Merchant seamlessly with LitCommerce advanced features. Let’s leave manual listing hassles behind and enjoy a streamlined process using our intuitive Google Merchant listing tool

What You Can Get from Our
Google Merchant Listing Tool?

Seamless Marketplace Integration


One-click connect with multiple sales channels at once. No technical skills or re-platforming are required. You can manage all channels within the LitCommerce app.

Time-saving Listing Management


Bulk import, create and edit listings with an easy-to-use interface. By setting rules to your listings, the data-filling process will be much faster and more effective.

Free Advanced Listing Editor

Automate product attribute assignment with rules to streamline Google Merchant listing creation and save time on data-filling process.

Near-instant Sync

Sync of product listings, orders, pricings and inventory between your eCommerce platform store and sales channels. No more overselling or stock-out errors.

Unified Order Fulfillment

Import your sales channel orders directly into your eCommerce platform’s order page. Cut down the workflow, save time and just focus on business growth.

Automated Listing Update

LitCommerce automatically resets your Google Merchant listing status to keep them active every 30 days as they expire, ensuring your best-selling items never go unpublished.

Why Google Merchant is a Seller Haven?

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    AI-powered Features

    Leverage all sophisticated AI features by Google Merchant, including customized product imanginary in Product Studio, virtual try-on for apparel, and many more.

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    Local Inventory Ads

    Promote your local inventory through Google ads to target users who are looking for products available in nearby stores and eventually make sales happen.

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    Advanced Seller Metrics

    Make data-driven decisions while you sell on Google Merchant based using its precise metrics and predictions for your products and sales potential.

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    Diverse Google Merchant Integration

    From Listing on Google Merchant provides easy access to integrated Google services, boosting your online presence.

How to List Products on Google Merchant

Step 1: Connect to Google Merchant

Set up your online store and connect with LitCommerce. Your online store is the source from where you list products on eBay. Use LitCommerce to link to your online store and then to eBay. We now support 12 eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more.

For online marketplaces, you can link to eBay and 20+ top-tier channels, including the most trending ones such as Amazon, Etsy, and TikTok Shop.

Step 2: List products on Google Merchant

List your new and used items easily using the Google Merchant listing tool – LitCommerce. We support you list items in three major cases:

  • Case 1: You have products on your online store, and you want to list them on Google Merchant.
  • Case 2: You have products on Google Merchant, and now you want to import product listings to your online store.
  • Case 3: You have products on both Google Merchant and online store, you want to link them together.

Products listed on Google Merchant will be stored in the tab Draft. You can edit products before publishing them live.

Step 3: Enable Google Merchant sync

Our Google Merchant listing tool enables a real-time sync feature. This means your product details, such as product name, images, inventory, price, orders, etc., are synced between your online store and Google Merchant every 15 minutes.

Step 4: Manage orders from Google Merchant store

When you enable the Order Sync feature, your eCommerce platform will instantly receive all order details from Google Merchant. You can track and get updated on order status right from your eCommerce platforms, convenient in one place.

Note: Due to Google Merchant regulations, LitCommerce can’t import customer information to help you fulfill orders at your eCommerce platform store.

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See What You Can Integrate with Google Merchant

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WooCommerce Integration
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BigCommerce Integration
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Squarespace Integration
Magento Integration
Shopline Integration
Prestashop Integration
Shopware Integration
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OpenCart Integration
Shoplazza Integration

FAQs – About LitCommerce Google Merchant Listing Tool

What is Google Merchant Listing Tool?
Google Merchant Listing Tool is software that simplifies creating and managing product listings on Google Merchant. It helps sellers save time and streamline their workflow by automating tasks like bulk listing, inventory syncing, and order management.
What are the benefits of using an Google Merchant listing tool?
There are many benefits to using an Google Merchant listing tool, including:
  • Save time and effort: An Google Merchant listing tool can automate many of the tasks involved in listing products, such as creating listings, managing inventory, and syncing orders across multiple channels.
  • Improve listing quality: An Google Merchant listing tool can help you create high-quality listings that are more likely to attract buyers.
  • Increase sales: An Google Merchant listing tool can help you increase sales by making it easier to list products and manage your inventory.
Can LitCommerce import my Google Merchant orders into my eCommerce platform?

Yes, LitCommerce Order Sync automatically import all of your orders from your sales channels (in this case, Google Merchant) into your eCommerce platform. You can manage and fulfill all your orders in one dashboard.

What does LitCommerce use as the source of truth for sync of data?

LitCommerce uses your eCommerce platform’s inventory as the source of truth for data sync. This means that any changes you make to your inventory, such as adding or removing products, updating prices, or changing quantities, will be automatically synced to your sales channels and vice versa.

How much does LitCommerce’s Google Merchant listing tool cost?
LitCommerce’s Google Merchant listing tool is available on a subscription basis. The price depends on the number of products you need to list and the features you need.
How do I get started with LitCommerce’s Google Merchant listing tool?
To get started with LitCommerce’s Google Merchant listing tool, you can sign up for a free trial. Once you have signed up, you can connect your eBay store and start listing products.
What are the advantages of using LitCommerce’s Google Merchant listing tool over other softwares?
There are many benefits to using LitCommerce’s Google Merchant listing tool over other Google Merchant listing softwares, including:
  • Ease of use: LitCommerce is easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Wide range of features: LitCommerce offers a wide range of features, including listing creation, inventory management, order syncing, reporting, and support.
  • Affordable pricing: LitCommerce’s Google Merchant listing tool is available at an affordable price.
How do I optimize my listing on Google Merchant?

According to the house guidelines, here are some tips for Google Merchant listing optimization:

  • Create complete and accurate listings
  • Write concise and appealing titles, but do not exceed 80 characters
  • Write accurate product descriptions with all details and usage guidelines
  • Have high-quality photos
  • Add keywords to your titles and descriptions

In addition to following such guidelines, don’t forget to use Google Merchant seller tools and grab every support you can because this is a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Why Our Customer Trust Us

“LitCommerce allows us to set up and install quickly with just a couple of clicks…”

Very minimal configuration. LitCommerce allowed us to import our Etsy listings into LitCommerce and the freedom to modify and sync all those listings to multiple marketplaces, including BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy…

Mr. Rodrigo, CEO of Bien Hecho

  • Courtdale CrossingsUnited States

    Litcommerce is GREAT!

    Excellent platform to use for my new business and it just so happens to come with amazing customer service! A+++++++

    Review Source

  • J BrownUnited Kingdom

    My go to for multiple sales channel selling

    I've been using lit commerce for my online store and eBay store for about 4 months now. 5/5 Definitely...

    Review Source

  • Lovely ThinkingsPortugal

    Friendly and helpful

    Friendly, quick and helpful customer service. Wide enough range of connection options to meet my needs.

    Review Source

  • Adam RogersUnited States

    I am really impressed with the level of support.

    Both times I had several questions and a small issue and both times two different people responded instantly....

    Review Source

  • Castle Rocks CornwallUnited Kingdom

    Near perfect - excellent customer service

    LitCommerce is close to perfect. It could have some extra tools to help edit content/descriptions etc - what we use on Etsy...

    Review Source

  • Flippin GoodiesUnited States

    I have tried a few apps for cross listing

    And the team at LitCommerce are by far the best out there. They have already added a few functions to the app that we need in order to use it...

    Review Source

  • Botan SaydaUnited Kingdom

    Solves all my problems on one platform

    Solves all my problems on one platform, easy to use and incredible support team which are responsive almost instantly and very helpful...

    Review Source

  • LubnaSyria

    Great customer service team

    Great customer service team, fast and helpful

    Review Source

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