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Streamline the Data Sync with BigCommerce Integration

Selling on BigCommerce with your available selling channel to strengthen your business. LitCommerce BigCommerce integration enables you to list products in bulk and manage orders effectively from a single dashboard.

How to Integrate with BigCommerce

Step 1: Connect to BigCommerce

Select your Main Store, from which you want to list products to new selling channels, among our list of supported eCommerce platforms. Choose the marketplace you want to sell on. After that, you can connect to other marketplaces on your account dashboard.

Step 2: List products on BigCommerce

Select products from BigCommerce to list on your preferred channels or vice versa. Products listed to your sales channel will be stored in the tab Draft. You can edit products before publishing them live on BigCommerce.

Step 3: Enable sync

The products details such as product name, inventory, price, images, etc., are regularly synced from your store to marketplaces and vice versa.

Step 4: Manage orders

When you enable the Order Sync feature, your ecommerce platform will instantly receive all order details from BigCommerce. You can review and fulfill them alongside orders from your online store, conveniently in one place.

Get Started Multichanel Selling with LitCommerce Today!

The most affordable and simple solution for you to start scaling without hesitation.
Take the very first step to effectively expand your online business with our multichannel selling solution.

The Most Easy-To-Use and Affordable Multichannel Selling Solution

Multichannel Connect

Effortlessly connect with multiple sales channels and manage inventory, prices, and orders within a single dashboard. No technical skill is required.

LitCommerce QuickGrid

LitCommerce QuickGrid is a spreadsheet-style interface that lets you view, edit and manage all listings on a single screen. You can edit products individually or in filtered groups and create rules to bulk update products with Templates and Recipes.
LitCommerce LiveSync

LitCommerce LiveSync

LitCommerce LiveSync establishes a near-instant sync of product listing, orders, pricing and inventory between your store and your sale channels.
Integrated Order Flow

Integrated Order Flow

Import your sales channel orders directly into your eCommerce platform’s orders page. You can manage and process orders effectively in one place.

Why Choose LitCommerce

1. Born with Simplicity

LitCommerce streamlines the process of multi-channel selling for every merchant. You can start selling everywhere with simple clicks, a smooth operation and detailed instructions along the way.

2. Made Affordable for All Sizes

LitCommerce goes with diverse plans including a free plan and reasonable prices, with an aim to help every business benefit the most from multi-channel selling.

3. Built on 10-Year Proven Success in the Industry

LitCommerce is developed by the team behind LitExtension – the world’s #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert. With 10-year experience in dealing with eCommerce data and platform structure, we aim to provide a comprehensive solution for merchants to sell across various channels with ease.

4. Center Around Customers

LitCommerce puts our customers first and at the center of everything we do. We develop a product that solves your problems and provides service that you can rely on, via phone, ticket, live chat or email.

Who We Truly Are? Let Our Customers Define

  • Alexander StaigerUnited States

    This app works

    This app works, many on the Bigcommerce marketplace do not, even their innate app by Inkfrog. Customer service has been a big help...

    Review Source

  • Mike HunterIsrael

    Fantastic service

    Fantastic service, great customer support <3

    Review Source

  • Kerri McCroskey-BingamanUnited States

    Excellent support by Ember and Hanah

    Excellent support by Ember and Hanah. They answered all my questions and helped me get the app set up. Very happy!

    Review Source

  • Rodrigo Chavez LopezUnited States

    Litcommerce is the omnichannel ecommerce king

    Litcommerce is the choice software for startups looking to get to market at multiple storefronts. Litcommerce is the market leader in omnichannel inventory and listing management. I sell on Etsy and BigCommerce...

    Review Source

Get Started with LitCommerce!

Take the very first step to effectively expand your online business with our multichannel selling solution.

All-in-One Listing Service

Save time for more important tasks by letting our integration experts take care of your manual listings from beginning to end.