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WooCommerce eBay Integration Guideline

When selling on eBay and WooCommerce, sellers must find a way to connect these selling channels. Although no eBay Connect App is available in both WordPress and WooCommerce app stores, you can choose a third-party extension to streamline your multichannel selling process and make the most out of both eBay store benefits and WooCommerce’s.

Among the vast collections available in the market, LitCommerce is a reliable and affordable alternative to integrating eBay with WooCommerce. When you enlist the help of LitCommerce, WooCommerce eBay Sync will take place in 4 simple steps only.

#Step 1: Connect WooCommerce and eBay

#Step 2: List products on eBay

#Step 3: Sync WooCommerce and eBay

#Step 4: Manage eBay orders on WooCommerce

Let’s get started!

woocommerce ebay sync

#Step 1: Connect WooCommerce to eBay

For starters, initiate the WooCommerce eBay Integration process by signing up for a new LitCommerce account here. If you have Google and Facebook accounts ready, you can use them to log in instead.

Sign up a LitCommerce account

To connect your WooCommerce store with LitCommerce, visit your WooCommerce dashboard. Then, locate Plugins on the left-side menu bar and choose Add New.

connect woocommerce to ebay

Type LitCommerce in the search bar, and the tool will appear right on the screen. Click Install Now and activate it.

Install LitCommerce Plugin

After installing the LitCommerce app successfully, you will see it on the left navigation bar.

LitCommerce Plugin Dashboard

Then, click on Connect to LitCommerce, and the process of connecting your WooCommerce store with LitCommerce will be implemented.

Connect to LitCommerce

After the process is completed, click on Connect to LitCommerce, and the system will take you to the LitCommerce app so you can continue with the setup.

Continue to set up LitCommerce plugin

Check out this video if you need a visual presentation of how to connect your WooCommerce store: